Monzo in the media

Short answer - copyright violation.

If a news site says “You need to pay to read this”, then getting around this is theft/copyright violation.

Mods (full-on staff mods, not simply Coral Crew) have stepped in in the past to remove posts where paywalled articles have be copied-and-pasted.

The only legitimate way of getting around some paywalls is if they let subscribers give someone a gift link to read an article. These are usually one-time only use, and I’m not sure how far asking for them will get anyone.

The better question to ask is “Can someone summarise this article?”, which may get you the key points without infringing on copyright.

tl;dr, if you want to read a paywalled article in full, you pay the wall.


You can access a digital copy of the print edition of The Telegraph (as well as various other papers and magazines) through Pressreader.

Many local public libraries subscribe to Pressreader so yours might enable you to sign in via Pressreader’s library or group sign in option.


J P Morgan story covered in a lot more publications today, 28/1.

Any particular reason you feel you shouldn’t have to pay like everyone else?

Yes, I want to read 1 article, not buy the entire publication. Thanks for your unnecessary snark.

Have a nice day. See you at the library. :grinning:


I know this is meant to be a joke but I hope that never happens.

He launched Monzo and made it grow fast, but at the same time I also think it completely lost direction. It wanted to be a financial hub, then it became a bank and it ended up doing neither particularly well.

Banks need experienced banking leaders who are open to ideas; not tech people.

I don’t think JPM would want Tom. I also hope that with new leadership, Monzo can get out of this weird place it’s stuck in


Totally agree and neither would Goldman’s


I think it’s very good that Tom hasn’t just walked away and gone on holiday or something. He’s trying to raise awareness and help other people realise it’s not just them.

Also love that he had a red batphone!


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Why US neobanks thrived while Europeans lost steam

The article blames low interchange fees in Europe; says EU fintechs are forced to look at other revenue streams (like lending) whereas US counterparts can get by with interchange income alone


This is my concern about JP Morgan launching here; though I assume they will have accounted for far lower fees.


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I would have thought they would do their homework before entering the market.

I present you, N26.

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