When does Monzo come to Switzerland?

Hello all,

Simply, do you have an ETA for Monzo in Switzerland?

Please guys, don’t make me go for Revolut, I want Monzo! :slight_smile:




Hey Edouard, though you can use a Monzo card in Switzerland we don’t have any plans right now to expand to Swiss accounts. :disappointed:

Sorry to not be the bearer of good news.

Wishing you all the best though!

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Maybe you can check out the Zak account from Bank Cler. I guess this is the first product in Switzerland with a similar approach to what Monzo and other fintechs are taking when it comes to the app based product.

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Hi Team.

I am from UK. I have a Monzo card and will be travelling to Switzerland, and just wanted to confirm if the Monzo would work everywhere in Switzerland?


did when I was in Wengen and Zurich 6 months ago, although a lot of bars still wouldn’t accept any cards - for some reason :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: only wanted cash …Hmmmm …

Monzo cards should be accepted everywhere you see the MasterCard sign. I’ve experienced no problems having Monzo accepted anywhere, except in the UK.

Literally was there a week ago and was a few months before that. It works everywhere MasterCard is accepted, which is most places

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