🇵🇰 Monzo in Pakistan

Hi everybody, Just got my BETA card and quite excited to use it. I am traveling to Pakistan in December this year and would like to know if anyone has had any problems? As well, any tips and insights you may have will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Can we top up in Pakistani rupees from different person’s debit card.

You top up in GBP and your card issuers will convert that sum and bill you in your local currency. I have used an EU debit card but not sure if Pakistani debit cards will work. Best thing is to try it and see what happens.

This question was also asked here -

yes, it was the same person posting the question twice

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For ATM withdrawals Standard Chartered and Bank Al Falah are working consistently. They are imposing an ATM withdrawal charge of Rs. 250 to Rs 300 (£1 = Rs 128 (30/12/2016)


@ambersariya Definitely share your experience when you get back! I was there in November and really wanted to try using Monzo but never found the chance!

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hi guys,

My colleague Steve told me about Monzo that how amazing it is and he used in South Africa/countries. I ordered (free) it in last month (March 2017) for my trip in Pakistan. Here are my findings so far:

  1. Monzo only worked in Standard Chartered Bank with 500 Rs. fee and MCB with 200 Rs. fee.

  2. Maximum amount i can take out of ATM as of writing (April 2017) is 20,000 + Bank Fee (£157) Rs. at one time and 30,000 Rs. in a day. (damn Brexit for lower rate :sob:)

  3. At the end of March, ATM started giving me errors: Declined, withdrawal exceed your limit
    3.1 My innitial impression was that there is a monthly limit which you cannot exceed around £1k
    3.2 So I used ATM on 2nd April (new month) to verify my hypothesis and unfortunately it gave me same error. I can’t get my head around that if its a Monzo thing or Pakistani Banks doing their own thing.

I will further update this post as I find more, Monzo has indeed helped me during my trip to Pakistan. thank you. :slight_smile:

This is great feedback, thanks for sharing it :raised_hands:

It sounds like you are hitting the new limits there, the monthly limits are applied on a rolling basis, rather than resetting at the beginning of each month.

You may be able to get yourself verified, to increase these limits. To check whether you are verified already, you can compare your limits from your Profile in the app with the limits for verified users listed here.

Enhanced verification is also a possibility -

You should also make sure that Magstripe withdrawals are enabled, before you try to take cash from an ATM. iOS users can enable Magstripe withdrawals from Card > Profile > Security, here’s the guide. I’m not 100% sure what the path is for Android but here’s the guide.

Please do let us know if that helps :slight_smile:

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Spending and withdrawal limits are clearly stated in your card settings. In IOS this is in: Card > Settings > Spending and top up limits

ATM withdrawal limits are dependent on a number of factors however generally they are £1000 per rolling 30 day limit and not by calendar month.

EDIT: …and Alex just beat me too it :slight_smile:

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It’s under settings as a top level option. :slight_smile:


thank you @alexs
I did enable it to try in different banks in Android but with same result.

@BobT, @alexs
does this mean i cannot take more than £1k in 30 days? my whole trip is 30 days here, any suggestion to take money out of ATM now?

I should have said - if you don’t already have the enhanced verification limits, you can contact the support team via the in-app chat to ask how to go about getting your limits increased.

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With enhanced verification you can withdraw £2000 in the 30 day window, so as @alexs mentions above, it will be worth checking to see if you qualify for this level.

cheers guys, I am pretty noob right now. How to check/verify this enhanced verification?

@Kamran_Pervaiz: Your current limit is £1000 per rolling 30 days so you’ll have to contact support via the app and ask for enhanced verification with a limit of £2000 per 30 rolling days.

Alex already gave you the link:

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gotcha, cheers i am contacting support right now. thank you guys for helping me out. :grinning:
will update you


If you go to settings -> Spending and topup limits you’ll see your current limits, and under the Limits title you’ll see the level of verification you have.

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If it’s any help…

As it’s a rolling 30 day limit, if you look at all your withdrawals over the past 30 days, you will be able to see when you can next make an ATM withdrawal.

So if you withdrew 20,000 Rs on say 15th march, you should be able to withdraw 20,000Rs after 14th April.

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