Topping Up using Pakistani Rupees / Foreign Currency

(Muhammad Zaman Malik) #1

Hi. I would like to know. Can my dad top up some money in my card. I live in uk and he lives in Pakistan. What is the maximum amount he can top up?

:pakistan: Monzo in Pakistan
(Kieran McCann ) #2

I don’t see any reason that would stop him topping up your card for you. If he has your card details it should be relatively simple.

As for top up limits you can see them in this picture. :laughing:

(Rika Raybould) #3

I would generally not recommend this. The transaction from Monzo would be charged in GBP only and it would be up to the card being used to top up to make the conversion from PRK to GBP. While it will likely work, you may incur heavy fees from the other side as part of this.

(Ben Green) #4

I would recommend using an online service such as TransferWise (or closest equivalent with PRK available) to transfer to your regular debit account, to avoid your dad being charged high fees. Then you can top up as normal in GBP.

(Ben Green) #5

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(Arslan) #6

Yes Sure you can. I am a pakistani and currently in Pakistan too. I used my pakistani debit card to Topup and it worked like a charm. Further Using Monzo at POS Terminals or Online Stores in pakistan is not a problem. Its working perfectly. Hope it helps!