Monzo availability in other countries

Tom talked about whether :mondo: will be available elsewhere in Europe & the US in yesterday’s Periscope chat (there’s a link to the video in the post I’ve quoted).

It’s actually sounding quite promising!

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Hello everyone! Coming back to this topic, I am from Spain and I am currently living in UK and using my Monzo card! I really love it, I find amazing all your ideas for the future as a proper bank! Would be awesome if I still would can using Monzo when I’ll be back in Spain or even in more countries! So… I really support this idea!!:raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::earth_africa::earth_asia::earth_americas:

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Hi @Jorge

You can use your Monzo card in Spain feel free to do so. But remember that when topping up it will charge your debit card in pounds not Euros so your bank will probably charge extortionate fees.

Many thanks for your answer, nice to know it! I’ll try it :slight_smile:

would be nice can do it without any extra
But thanks anyway

The fees are charged by your bank. Monzo doesn’t charge any fees for practically anything. Check with your bank about foreign transaction fees.

Will Mondo be available Caribbean countries such as Barbados as well ?

I don’t think they have any specific plans to launch in countries other than the UK for now - a global launch would be very cool though.


Actually, it was confirmed in their investment deck for the latest crowdfunding round, that Monzo are planning to expand to Europe -

& the USA -

Unfortunately that doesn’t help @shaq much though :pensive:

So for now, it’ll only be UK users who can try out Monzo while travelling in Barbados :palm_tree:

Please add Andorra support in the future :slight_smile: thx

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can you clarify that you actually need support in Andorra, if so what problems are you having?

or did you mean to allow applicants from that country to open accounts?

Indeed, allow andorran residents (outside EEA) to apply for an account

Doesn’t Monzo have to offer non-UK based EU customers access to UK banking under the European Union
Payment Accounts Directive 2014/92/EU anyway? Most UK banks now offer this, although in a basic form. It may as well offer Euro accounts too because of their unique ways.

Directive 2014/92/EU on payment accounts tackles three areas:
• comparability of fees related to payment accounts (Ch
• payment account switching at national level (Ch III),
• access to payment accounts with basic features (Ch IV).

Access to accounts under Article 16 has many exceptions and exemptions, so are you referring to the Article 15 provision? These are enacted by UK Statutory Instrument 2038 The Payment Accounts Regulations 2015 from 15th December 2015 which says:

Access to payment accounts
Non-discrimination in the provision of payment accounts
18.—(1) A credit institution must not discriminate against consumers legally resident in the European Union by reason of their nationality or place of residence or by reason of any other ground referred to in Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union when those consumers apply for or access a payment account.
(2) The conditions applicable to holding a payment account with basic features must not be discriminatory.


Hey @Chapuys! Once we have made available our current account we will consider other forms of current account may be useful for our customers and potential customers in the UK and beyond.

One thing we’d like to consider is the basic bank account as we appreciate it is a really useful product for many people. At the moment only nine banks are required to make available a basic bank account. These can be found here.


I’m really excited to see Monzo’s future expansion- obviously it’ll take even more time after current accounts launch and Europe would probably be first priority, but the fact that Singapore was highlighted as the country Asian expansion will be based out of has me really hyped! I plan to use Monzo even after I’m done with uni so hopefully there will be more concrete plans then- I don’t know how being permanently on a “trip to Singapore” will work out long-term (probably mess up the data and give a disproportionately high amount of transactions there, that’s what :joy:)
I’ve been telling everyone about it but it’s a pity only people with UK addresses can access them atm. Money changers charge so much (much more than the UK) so that’s a huge motivating factor + my friends love the instant notifications/ exact address etc, since charges sometimes take ages to appear in our statements. If you’re hiring in Singapore, you know who to look for :wink:


Hi, my dad would like to have Monzo as well, he’s living in Italy , will this be okay or you need an UK residence ?

Hi Martina! Unfortunately we’re only able to offer Monzo cards to UK residents at the moment.

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The banks in Spain are a bit behind but are slowly catching up. I think even some basic Monzo service would be competitive in Spain right now. Completely run circles around the big 2 or 3 banks there.

In fact, one Spanish bank has a bit of a reputation as being a Monzo clone in terms of style.
BNext -

N26 (also launched in UK)
Revolut (now has a European Bank license via Lithuania)

C’mon Monzo, get a European Bank license and open up in Spain! :smiley: :es:

When will be Available in Bangladesh.

For UK customers I thought the app was available now.