Monzo hot chip plushie

It seems Monzo has a plushie called ‘Noodle’:

edit: Noodle is a TikTok dog and not the name of the plushie… my mistake :sob:

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Weird they didn’t call it chip, considering that it is chip.


Monzo rebranding to Noodle confirmed :ok_hand:

Isn’t Noodle the office dog?

Bingo is or was.

Maybe Chip (savings) didn’t like them calling it Chip.

Or they might just be calling Chip ‘Noodle’ as an affectionate name.


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No, Noodle is a dog that does bones / no bones day. The plushie is called hot chip :slight_smile:


Does what now?

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This magical dog decided today was a bones day, because it is a bones day it means we will have a good day today

We take this very seriously


I like a bit of solid scientific reasoning

Yes basically the owner kneels over Noodle’s bed and gently lifts Noodle up. If he collapses back into sleep, it is time for me to leave work and go back to bed too and relax.

If Noodle stands up on his legs, it is a bones day and it means it’s going to be a great day


Well religions have been founded on weaker ideas


The hashtag in the screenshot does say #noodlethepug

@brandonskerritt have you seen this one?

Look after yourselfs today guys, send that email you’ve been writing, have that extra portion of guac on your burrito.

oops, I’ve corrected the op :slight_smile:

I should have known it was to TikTok dog and not hot chip from the hashtags :confused:

Monzo is saying you can’t buy them in the comments, but it looks professionally produced / mass produceable … I can’t see why they don’t want free money?!

Perhaps they’ve got plenty of bank things to be focusing on rather than posting out plushies, arranging production and running a shop.

Or they could be saving them for a promotion :man_shrugging:


True, but then I don’t see why they’d promote it. Besides, lots of banks have promotional products like that.

It’s a nice social media thing and it sparks discussion as you can see, that’s why :smiley:


I suppose! I think a very limited release would be a good idea. Would be a money maker anyway.

They should give all the investors one