Any plans for a discord channel? It’s enhanced all forum based discussion I’ve ever come across!

I think it’s more likely the forum goes completely than they add more complexity.

What is so great about Discord?

I was thinking about Discord the other day after using it for some other “hobbies” (if you can also call posting on the Monzo forum a hobby…?)

Thought it might be useful for an “unofficial” channel - but the benefit is simply “live chat” I guess - maybe would end up being a “more live” version of this place than anything, which I’m not sure if it adds any utility?

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It’s hard to explain… once you’ve used it you’ll understand! I think essentially it is the future of communication on the internet. But a couple of points would be…

  • highly customisable
  • the interface is a lot more engaging and easier to use
  • as Ben says it’s a more “live” version of this… so I think it would make people feel more connected
  • Monzo prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation, and Discord is most certainly the future whether you like it or not :slight_smile:

By the way, I have no affiliation with discord whatsoever… I’m merely pointing out how dated this forum looks now. If Monzo wants to nab all those new 18 year old current account creators then this is a pretty obvious way to do it :relaxed:

Are you an investor in it or something?

It’s very far from “the future of communication”

Monzo are not at the forefront of niche chat apps. This forum doesn’t need to be more “live”, if anything it needs to be slower to encourage people to think before they post.


How can you not know what it is or what’s good about it but then assert that it’s very far from the future of communication? No, I’ve just said I have no affiliation, my motivation is to make Monzo more valuable. But sure. Play the luddite if you want to :sweat_smile:

I’m an investor in Monzo at any rate… unlike yourself :slight_smile:

I know what it is, I wanted to know what you thought it would add to this forum.

Monzo will not be more valuable based on having a discord server. Nobody chooses a bank based on that.

Wow. :upside_down_face:


I think that’s a fair concern of it - I kind of imagine it would become an amalgamation of the Monzo Subreddit, this community, and all those facebook pages about “Monzo stole my money”, etc.

I think the benefit of here / Discourse, as a platform - is a better ability to have threaded and distinct conversation, which I think is harder on Discord.

Edit: I also hate the fact that Discourse and Discord are so similarly named.


Well that’s just plain wrong I’m afraid. Also discord is perfectly capable of limiting chat so that it doesn’t become a “Monzo stole my money” forum

Not sure what this has to do with the price of chips.

You might be an investor but you seem completely clueless about Monzo based on your recent posts.



I use Discord for one of my hobbies. Not sure there would be any great advantage to moving over to it as apart from appearance there is no difference. R-

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I know, why would Monzo want to attract new young customers, it’s unthinkable isn’t it :rofl:

There is a huge difference

I think their Twitter and other general advertising is what will do the attracting of users though.

If you look at this place, there’s maybe 40,000 total accounts on this forum. Something like 2,000 active users a month.

Maybe discord would be different, but these forums/channels would still only really attract users who are keen to talk about a bank on the internet, which I imagine is always going to be a very small slice of any user base, regardless of the platform.

Now, to attract a younger audience, what Monzo really need to do is get on the TickTock.


You really don’t need to start repeating and quote repeating yourself.


Especially as he doesn’t listen anyway!


I really hope the misspelling of TikTok was part of the punchline!!! I found it hilarious if it was


Interesting idea but I don’t see how dancing videos would connect to Monzo… unless they were ads of course ha.

There’s a huge market of gamers etc on discord. They’d identify with a bank that has a presence there. Just seems like an open goal to me :grinning: Maybe this is why Monzo is struggling?

I’m just trying to reply to your comment, but somehow me disagreeing with you is offensive…?

Apparently you guys aren’t a big fan of having a discussion, more a place just to put people down as quickly as possible? I don’t see how saying that Monzo relies on funding rounds to stay afloat is offensive, it’s just true. I don’t see how saying that Monzo is making huge losses is offensive… it’s just a fact?