Monzo for iPhone - Release Notes (v1.9.28)

(Richard Cook) #1

Hello everyone :wave:

Our latest iOS app update is up and ready for action.

Here’s the release notes.

- Get your card delivered anywhere in the world when you’re upgrading
- Tell your Monzo contacts apart from other payees with a Monzo logo
- Display your preferred name for P2P transfers
- See why a transaction declined in the transaction details screen.

Please share your feedback below :heart:

Monzo for iPhone - Release Notes (v1.9.26)
Community Roundup - 16/3/2018

Not sure about this update

Does it answer any of the issues being raised on the community forrum ?

(Dan) #3

You know Rome wasn’t built overnight, right? :wink:

I would suggest reading the release notes. It’s clear what is and what isn’t in this update.


Thanks for that heads up

Theirs also lots of other issues being ignored right now by Monzo but hey ho

We shall wait and see what the future brings

(Dan) #5

I think you are muddying your perception that Monzo are ignoring, and knowing the truth whether they are or not. You tout your opinion as truth, nevertheless.

Personally, I highly doubt Monzo are ignoring any feedback. They have made is painstakingly obvious that they do, and have taken feedback on countless subjects before. They are working on a tonne of features and improvements right now, as you can see by their Roadmap, and their regular communication.

You have mentioned your displeasure for Monzo’s overdraft countless times on this forum, but Monzo have made it quite clear it’s not finished & that they’re working on it right now. So I’m not why you think they’re ignoring feedback or happy with it’s current state?

Monzo’s development philosophy has always been MVP (, getting a product or feature barely finished out there to gather feedback, and iterate on it constantly. Accepting a feature or product is never complete, and constantly improving it.

An Update on Overdrafts
(Ben Green) #6

I got this update two days ago

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Hello! I’ve just removed some posts from this topic, as it was getting a bit off-topic.

Let’s try to focus on the latest app release :slight_smile:

You might be interested to read how we develop the Monzo app in this blog post. It comes out in biweekly cycles, so we regular releases rather than waiting for every new feature to be included. So some releases will naturally be quieter than others.

We’ve got some exciting stuff coming this week. See our March Update for more :+1:

(Michael) #9

You seem to be getting a lot of hate on the forum recently :frowning_face:

But I get your point, and it’s totally valid to feel the way you do I think. Irrespective of what others feel or say, the perception of being ignored is there, and that’s all that matters. Doesn’t matter if it’s being worked on etc or not.

My favourite is the omission of the new MasterCard logo still, which has been mentioned a few times. :disappointed:

Been using this on TestFlight for a while with no issues. I do like the little Monzo logo on the contacts list for payments however, would be nice to be able to hide non-Monzo people from the list completely. I don’t want to see all my contacts listed there realistically.

(Alex Sherwood) #10

A quick reminder - people disagreeing with other’s opinions is not the same thing as “hate”.

(Michael) #11

It can be in some contexts. :slight_smile: But thanks for pointing it out, glad you’re contributing to the topic proactively! :+1:

(Dan) #12

When is the New MasterCard Logo on the card going to be updated? Its driving me mad now :frowning:


Is there a commercial case for posting cards anywhere in the world or are you putting top line user numbers ahead of all else?

I get that when someone has lost the card on holiday it is a really nice thing and a marketing win to fire them off an expensive replacement around the world. But people who have had months to upgrade and couldn’t be bothered and now claim they can’t upgrade because they’re on holiday? That’s a big leap of faith.

You would have thought that those users who haven’t upgraded because they’ve not been in the UK either no longer reside in the UK anymore (not allowed a Monzo card unless I am mistaken) or they are the mega jetsetters who were/are milking your free forex allowances around the world.

Why can’t you just say to these people “oh that’s really unfortunate that you’ve not been able to upgrade during the several months that we’ve been migrating users - but when you get back to the UK and are able to receive a card we’d be delighted to open a brand new current account for you” rather than spend so much money pandering to them? Perhaps I have just completely missed the point, in which case please enlighten me as to why this is a good idea?

(Hugh Wells) #14

So, I think there are a lot of complicated reasons people haven’t upgraded earlier. There are some people who genuinely didn’t realise they had to until we stepped up our cues in app, others who thought ordering the card might invalidate their current one whilst they waited for the new one, others with misconceptions about the account and many more. I think at the very beginning, we didn’t necessarily explain exactly how things worked and debunk misconceptions like not being able to have multiple current accounts, or hard credit checks on account opening.

Anecdotally, a lot of the cards I end up sending abroad are to backpackers/gappers who are away for months or more.

That would be the easy option, but for some of these customers they are actively relying on our card and even if they are not, we strive to delight customers and if that means sending them out a card so be it :smiley: I think it is important to do our best to create an awesome customer experience.

(Frank) #15

@cookywook can you explain how you amend your p2p name please. It’s the one thing in the update I have not been able to work out :joy:

Any chance the release notes can come with some screens that show/explain the enhancements?

(Hugh Wells) #16

Sorry for any confusion here!

I’m afraid it doesn’t allow you to change your username - you need to get in touch with us to do that :sweat_smile:
On the account we have a concept of a legal name (what is shown on your ID document) and a preferred name (how you prefer to be addressed, generally a contraction of your first name and minus your middle names :+1). We now use your preferred name when you send a P2P :+1:

(Frank) #17

Ah okay. That would have been better as ‘Preferred name now displayed for p2p instead of legal name’. I’ve been looking all over for the option to amend it :joy:

(Richard Cook) #18

Thanks, everyone!

Let’s chat about the new release here:

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