Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

I read this as lickable area

New flavoured cards?


Mmm, sprout flavour!

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It looks like you can quit out of the buisness sign up flow but I still cant figure it out :frowning:

The new payee scam warning seems to be a bit more subdued now, yay.

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Version 3.41.0 - Maintainence release, obvs - a few new strings, removal of duplicated get-paid-early strings/asset, couple of minor text changes in strings and an interesting reference to Plus/Premium (Premium delayed?);


<string name="settings_location_based_special_offers_subtitle">For Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium</string>


<string name="settings_location_based_special_offers_subtitle">For Monzo Plus</string>

New Strings;

<string name="dialog_button_no">No</string>

<string name="info_button_content_description">Info</string>

<string name="manual_repayment_past_payments_paid_off_loan_header">Payments made</string>

<string name="payment_request_details_cancel">Cancel request</string>
<string name="payment_request_details_cancel_dialog_confirm">Yes, cancel</string>
<string name="payment_request_details_cancel_dialog_message">Are you sure you want to cancel your request for %1$s from %2$s?</string>

<string name="payment_request_received_subtitle_prefix">They requested: %s</string>
<string name="payment_request_sent_subtitle">You requested</string>
<string name="payment_request_sent_subtitle_prefix">You requested: %s</string>

<string name="repayment_options_paid_off_loan_header">You’ve paid off your loan</string>

<string name="shared_section_header_pending_payment_requests">Payment requests</string>

Removed Strings;

<string name="pay_early_intro_action">Next</string>
<string name="pay_early_intro_body">"Get your salary paid into Monzo, and we’ll put it into your account a day early at 4 PM. No hassle, just more time with your money. A heads up: we can stop offering get paid early, or change this service at any time."</string>
<string name="pay_early_intro_title">Get paid a day early</string>
<string name="pay_early_intro_toolbar_action">How it works</string>

Changed Assets;



Removed Assets;



If that’s the one with travel insurance it makes sense. I’m still keen for phone insurance, though.

Although maybe these have been rolled into Plus?


I assume premium was the tier that was more travel-centric, so I’d guess they’re holding that until after covid and going ahead with the other tier :soon:


Makes sense to me as long as you can upgrade easily when the higher tier launches.

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Do you think it will be an upgrade or will they be two different tiers?

I.e. will premium have everything plus does (and a few extra bits)

Or will they not have anything in common

I think the higher tier will have the same + more as the lower tiers