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Wonder if this will be a Monzo Plus feature?

Version 3.25.0;

A few minor changes to business account onboarding and this new block of strings;

<string name="tx_details_downgrade_custom_category_message">‘%s’ isn’t available because you don’t have custom categories anymore.</string>
<string name="tx_details_downgrade_custom_category_title">Custom categories unavailable</string>
<string name="tx_details_downgrade_custom_split_category_message">Can’t edit categories because you don’t have the option to apply multiple or custom categories to a transaction anymore.</string>
<string name="tx_details_downgrade_custom_split_category_title">Multiple or custom categories unavailable</string>
<string name="tx_details_downgrade_split_category_message">Can’t edit categories because you can’t divide a payment into multiple categories anymore.</string>
<string name="tx_details_downgrade_split_category_title">Multiple categories unavailable</string>
<string name="tx_details_error_category_cancel">Cancel</string>
<string name="tx_details_error_category_one_zero_action">Pick new category</string>
<string name="tx_details_paid_category_subtitle">Create or pick multiple categories</string>

Added assets - a ‘Paid Tab’ star and a Virtual Card overlay (image has white area/text)



Basically confirms Split categories and custom categories both Plus then!


Sad emotes only…

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Gutted, thought these would be free to avoid the complication of joint accounts.

Can only assume this won’t be a joint account feature now. Sad times :cry:

I do hope that if you both have plus you can use it on your point account

Or maybe a discount for joint account holders I.e. 67% of the total for 2 people to get Plus

Version 3.26.0 - looks like some biggies in this one;

Different colours (not sure if this is in-app only);

<string name="beige">Beige</string>
<string name="blue">Blue</string>
<string name="boulder_grey">Boulder grey</string>
<string name="hot_coral">Hot coral</string>
<string name="lagoon_blue">Lagoon blue</string>
<string name="lime_green">Lime green</string>
<string name="maroon">Maroon</string>
<string name="navy">Navy</string>
<string name="orange">Orange</string>
<string name="pebble_grey">Pebble grey</string>
<string name="pink">Pink</string>
<string name="purple">Purple</string>
<string name="red">Red</string>
<string name="royal_blue">Royal blue</string>
<string name="teal">Teal</string>
<string name="white">White</string>
<string name="yellow">Yellow</string>    

Blocked card notification (new blocked card asset too at the end);

<string name="card_blocked_action">Card Blocked</string>
<string name="card_blocked_dialog_message">"We’ve blocked your card to protect your account. This means card payments won’t work but you can still send and receive bank transfers. We can’t unblock your card unless you need to use it in an emergency. If that’s the case, please get in touch."</string><string name="card_blocked_dialog_title">Keeping you safe</string>

Categories - and quite a few of them;

<string name="categories_header">Category budgets</string>
<string name="category_abstract_gesture">Scribble</string>
<string name="category_abstract_grain">Dots</string>
<string name="category_abstract_graphic_eq">Lines</string>
<string name="category_abstract_layers">Layers</string>
<string name="category_abstract_origin">Circles</string>
<string name="category_abstract_star">Star</string>
<string name="category_abstract_waves">Waves</string>
<string name="category_activity_art">Paint palette</string>
<string name="category_activity_cinema">Cinema</string>
<string name="category_activity_competition">Trophy</string>
<string name="category_activity_cooking">Chef hat</string>
<string name="category_activity_diy">Wrench</string>
<string name="category_activity_education">Graduation hat</string>
<string name="category_activity_games">Dice</string>
<string name="category_activity_gardening">Flower</string>
<string name="category_activity_music">Musical note</string>
<string name="category_activity_photography">Camera</string>
<string name="category_activity_reading">Book</string>
<string name="category_activity_spending">Credit card</string>
<string name="category_activity_theatre">Theatre</string>
<string name="category_activity_toys">Pinwheel</string>
<string name="category_activity_video_games">Video game controller</string>
<string name="category_default_bills">Light bulb</string>
<string name="category_default_charity">Ribbon</string>
<string name="category_default_eating_out">Cutlery</string>
<string name="category_default_entertainment">Happy face</string>
<string name="category_default_expenses">Expenses</string>
<string name="category_default_family">House</string>
<string name="category_default_finances">Cash</string>
<string name="category_default_general">Shapes</string>
<string name="category_default_gifts">Gift</string>
<string name="category_default_groceries">Bananas</string>
<string name="category_default_holidays">Suitcase</string>
<string name="category_default_personal_care">Heart</string>
<string name="category_default_shopping">Shopping bag</string>
<string name="category_default_transport">Train</string>
<string name="category_food_drink_bbq">Barbecue</string>
<string name="category_food_drink_beer">Beer</string>
<string name="category_food_drink_burger">Burger</string>
<string name="category_food_drink_cocktail">Cocktail</string>
<string name="category_food_drink_coffee">Coffee</string>
<string name="category_food_drink_pizza">Pizza</string>
<string name="category_food_drink_tea">Tea</string>
<string name="category_personal_baby">Pram</string>
<string name="category_personal_beauty">Lipstick</string>
<string name="category_personal_birthday">Birthday cake</string>
<string name="category_personal_cat">Cat</string>
<string name="category_personal_computer">Computer</string>
<string name="category_personal_couple">Couple</string>
<string name="category_personal_dog">Dog</string>
<string name="category_personal_eco">Leaf</string>
<string name="category_personal_glasses">Glasses</string>
<string name="category_personal_health">Heart</string>
<string name="category_personal_medicine">Pill</string>
<string name="category_personal_person">Person</string>
<string name="category_personal_pets">Paw</string>
<string name="category_personal_pharmacy">Pharmacy</string>
<string name="category_personal_phone">Phone</string>
<string name="category_personal_single">Single</string>
<string name="category_personal_smoking">Smoking</string>
<string name="category_personal_wheelchair">Wheelchair</string>
<string name="category_sport_basketball">Basketball</string>
<string name="category_sport_cricket">Cricket</string>
<string name="category_sport_football">Football</string>
<string name="category_sport_gym">Weights</string>
<string name="category_sport_rugby">Rugby</string>
<string name="category_sport_tennis">Tennis</string>
<string name="category_transport_bicycle">Bicycle</string>
<string name="category_transport_bus">Bus</string>
<string name="category_transport_car">Car</string>
<string name="category_transport_ev_station">Electric vehicle charge</string>
<string name="category_transport_fuel">Fuel</string>
<string name="category_travel_airplane">Airplane</string>
<string name="category_travel_beach">Parasol</string>
<string name="category_travel_city">City</string>
<string name="category_travel_earth">Earth</string>
<string name="category_travel_globe">Globe</string>
<string name="category_travel_hotel">Bed</string>
<string name="category_travel_mountains">Mountains</string>
<string name="category_travel_spa">Spa</string>
<string name="category_unknown">Missing</string>
<string name="category_weather_cloud">Cloud</string>
<string name="category_weather_moon">Moon</string>
<string name="category_weather_snow">Snow</string>
<string name="category_weather_sun">Sun</string>

Macro budgeting appears to have been removed from this version.

Gradients - must be in-app only (maybe for Virtual cards?);

<string name="gradient_carrot">Gradient carrot</string>
<string name="gradient_crimson">Gradient crimson</string>
<string name="gradient_holo_blue">Holo blue</string>
<string name="gradient_lavender">Gradient lavender</string>
<string name="gradient_pear">Gradient pear</string>
<string name="gradient_purple">Gradient purple</string>
<string name="gradient_sand">Gradient sand</string>
<string name="gradient_sea">Gradient sea</string>
<string name="gradient_sky">Gradient sky</string>
<string name="green">Green</string>
<string name="grey">Grey</string>

No idea what this is;

<string name="item_selected_content_description">%s, selected</string>

Some sort of drill–down feature?;

<string name="nav_analytics">Analytics</string>

New Overdraft stuff;

<string name="overdraft_apr_explanation_action_text">Learn More</string>
<string name="overdraft_apr_explanation_message">Due to new regulation we are now charging you an interest rate instead of 50p a day for the days you’re overdrawn.</string>
<string name="overdraft_apr_explanation_title">What is EAR/APR?</string>

<string name="overdraft_charges_feed_item_subtitle">We will charge you on %1$s</string>
<string name="overdraft_charges_feed_item_subtitle_legacy">See your breakdown - we won’t charge yet.</string>
<string name="overdraft_charges_feed_item_title">%1$s overdraft charges so far</string>
<string name="overdraft_charges_feed_item_title_legacy">%1$s charges so far</string>

Money transfer stuff;

<string name="paid_add_money_body">Transfer money to Monzo and we’ll take %1$s right away to make your first monthly payment.</string>
<string name="paid_add_money_continue_button">Continue</string>
<string name="paid_add_money_hint">&lt;b>When you add money,&lt;/b> we’ll charge you &lt;b>$amount a month&lt;/b> for a &lt;b>minimum of %1$d months.&lt;/b></string>
<string name="paid_add_money_title">Add at least %1$s to pay for %2$s</string>

Location-based stuff (CHECK OUT THE ACCOUNT TYPE NAMES);

<string name="settings_location_based_special_offers">Finding nearby restaurants</string>
<string name="settings_location_based_special_offers_subtitle">For Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium</string>
<string name="settings_location_subtitle">We’ll only use your location if you opted in.</string>
<string name="settings_location_title">Location</string>

Interest pot changes;

<string name="transaction_pot_deleted_title">%s (Deleted)</string>
<string name="transaction_pot_extra_information_credit">Added to Pot</string>
<string name="transaction_pot_extra_information_credit_delay">Added to your interest-earning Pot, powered by %s. You’ll start earning interest on the next working day.</string>
<string name="transaction_pot_extra_information_debit">Withdrawn from Pot</string>
<string name="transaction_pot_extra_information_debit_delay">Withdrawn from your interest-earning Savings Pot with %s. Arriving back into your account on the next business day.</string>

Some sort of transfer protocol from old Plus to ‘New Plus/Premium’?;

<string name="txui_paid_cancellation_fee_subtitle">Cancellation fee</string>
<string name="txui_paid_initial_debit_subtitle">Welcome to the club %s</string>
<string name="txui_paid_legacy_plus_upgrade_subtitle">Thanks for being an early adopter</string>
<string name="txui_paid_refund_subtitle">Refund</string>

Virtual Card account selection;

<string name="vc_create_money_source_footer">When you use these card details, the money will come from this account.</string>

chat_bubbles_business_grey fps_logo ic_blocked_action_info icn_category_activity_toys icn_category_personal_cat icn_category_personal_dog icn_tab_analytics img_card_blocked




Virtual Cards

  • Lots of choice on what colour your virtual card will be in app! (this is confirmed by a previous teardown where there was a select colour option for virtual cards)
  • We thought this may be from a pot but it does say account here so may not actually be able to be assigned to a pot? Can’t remember if we’ve had any hard confirmation (from a teardown) about assigning a virtual card to a pot.


  • Presuming these are just choices of icon to assign your custom category, but I guess there’s also a chance we could be getting a whole lot more categories as well? Lots of variety though!

New plus is called:

Monzo Plus
Monzo Premium

New tab called analytics potentially? Could be for virtual cards?


Hopefully this means launch is imminent :eyes:


Wow, wasn’t the Plus naming excercise they set the community on totally worth it.

I mean I’m sure they couldn’t of arrived at Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium without us :confused:

Actually am quite surprised though that they have stayed with Plus. I thought they’d want to distance the new product from the old.


This surprised me too. We were asked for suggestions for all 3 accounts (1x free & 2x paid) and yet the breakdown seems to relate just 2 names to the 2 paid accounts. The naming in the current code could be a planned red-herring though :wink:

Anyway, I got one right;

It could be a bluff and it’s just a text placeholder, it shouldn’t be too hard to change.

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Depends, it’ll be a whole new app release, which means you’d be diluting the messaging. I don’t think we’ll see the naming change …

<string name="txui_paid_legacy_plus_upgrade_subtitle">Thanks for being an early adopter</string>

Ready to upgrade any time! :smiley: ( I am still legacy Plus user )


Sounds like you will get a discount for new plus

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Version 3.27.0 - not many changes, although I’ve only briefly parsed this one without digging too much, based on the filesize. A few graphics additions (in-app cards) but nothing we haven’t seen before. The major string changes are the ones below plus a few re-worded ones that don’t seem massively different.

A rather curious disclaimer re; getting paid early;

<string name="pay_early_intro_body">"Get your salary paid into Monzo, and we’ll put it into your account a day early at 4 PM. No hassle, just more time with your money. A heads up: we can stop offering get paid early, or change this service at any time."</string>

Charity donations!;

i<string name="pot_donate_to_charity_link">Learn more</string>
<string name="pot_donate_to_charity_more_charities_coming_soon">We’ll be adding more charities in the coming weeks.</string>
<string name="pot_donate_to_charity_suggest_charity">Suggest charity</string>

Custom statement period;

<string name="statemen_custom_period_button_text">Customise date range</string>
<string name="statement_custom_period_end_date_title">End date</string>
<string name="statement_custom_period_start_date_title">Start date</string>

Tipping! - US-app only?

<string name="tipping_cash_tip">I’m leaving a cash tip</string>
<string name="tipping_explanation">Sometimes tips can take days to appear on your account. Logging your tip updates your balance immediately while your bill is being processed.</string>
<string name="tipping_explanation_format">Sometimes tips can take days to appear on your account. Logging your tip updates your balance immediately while %s processes your bill.</string>
<string name="tipping_header">How much tip are you leaving?</string>
<string name="tipping_header_format">How much tip are you leaving at %s?</string>
<string name="tipping_intro_page_one_message">Forget mental math and let Monzo calculate your tip for you. We’ll send you an instant notification with a suggested tip amount or you can toggle the tip percentage in the new tip calculator.</string>
<string name="tipping_intro_page_one_title">Tip Calculator</string>
<string name="tipping_intro_page_two_message">Sometimes the tip you leave at a restaurant can take days to show up on your account. Use tip logging to tell us how much tip you left on your bill and we’ll update your balance immediately.</string>
<string name="tipping_intro_page_two_title">Tip Logging</string>
<string name="tipping_label_total">Total</string>
<string name="tipping_report_tip">Log tip</string>
<string name="tipping_title">Tip</string><string name="transaction_action_tip">Tip</string>
<string name="transaction_action_tip_cash">Cash</string><string name="transaction_report_tip_action_cash">Cash</string>
<string name="transaction_report_tip_action_title">Tip</string>

I guess this is a possible plus feature now

I hope not it would be useful in the UK as well

The only change I’ve noticed is a random black icon :slight_smile:

This bothered me more than it should :rofl: