Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Cool cool. Thanks for confirming. I had no unlocked ones to check :slight_smile:

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For total clarity - this pot which is now simply called ‘Pot’ with a generic yellow background shown in the ‘edit pot’ display and a generic icon in Summary and Home feed should be my “Bills Pot” with a custom image - and - the pot that has disappeared from Summary (Xmas pot) are all pots under a Joint Account.

Also missing in the Joint Account Summary is the all-important ‘Income’ section which is a biggie. Hopefully to return soon. Meaning :soon:

Forget about that :point_up: Just realised there have been no transactions with the Xmas pot in this Summary period yet which explains why it isn’t showing in Summary. Me being hyper-sensitive to Summary changes is the issue here - it isn’t a Monzo thing.

@AR2018 got this one - switching to Payments and back to Home seems to fix the yellow-icon issue which kind of makes it a redraw issue?

Yeah I’ve seen that it does kind of fix the issue, you see the Yellow Pot Image then you see it change back to the actual correct Pot Image & Name. I have had it a couple of times when going to the Payments and back again and it still stays the as Yellow.


Seems fixed for me this morning (thanks!)

The menu for selecting the new photos from the “Monzo library” is still very laggy on Android 9.0 though

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Looks like the redraw issue of the bills pot icon on the Home feed is fixed for me too.

But now I’m getting mixed results in the Payments/Scheduled list - D/D’s which are assigned to the bills pot are showing the smaller top-right icon either as the correct pots image or all yellow images. It takes switching to/from the display several times to randomly correct it. Fine tuning obviously going on in the background :+1:

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I’m still suffering from this redraw issue, It was even preventing me from making a withdrawal from my one bill pot even though there is plenty in there

Hey, sorry about this. It was a bug :bug: that we introduced in 2.65.0. There is a fix coming today in 2.65.1.
In the meantime, If you go to the direct debit screen and stop paying it from a pot, it should fix the broken pot.


Hi Ivan, no problem at the moment I’ll hang fire for the fix. Good to know it will a fix will be put today :+1:


I have just installed 2.65.1

So far so good with the Bills Pot screens


Yeah seems to be fixed also for me now. Just installed the updates


All good here too, 2.65.1 has fixed the pot (and icon) redraw issue. Gone is the yellow-icon-of-doom!
Thanks @ivan and the :monzo: Bills Pot team!


2.65.2 just landed on :android: - can’t see any major changes yet.

The ‘Income’ section in the Joint Account Summary is still missing though :frowning_face:

3.0 Beta just dropped for :android:


Cheers for the heads-up

Nothing immediately obvious, which as a hawk eyed forum dweller is probably a good thing

I went into Labs and turned off new navigation. The graph came back. I was not expecting that to happen!


No new (secret) feature in 3.0.0 discovered yet. Must be a server-side switch.


Yeah, nothing to be seen here either. Been through all the screens. Hope they flick that switch :slight_smile:

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:eyes: :soon: (think it’s hidden behind a feature flag, but I can’t check that)

+   <string name='salary_sorter_action'>Sort salary</string>
+   <string name='salary_sorter_destinations_header'>Sort your money</string>
+   <string name='salary_sorter_incomplete_salary_tooltip'>"You've spent money since this payment arrived, so you can only sort what's left in your main account balance."</string>
+   <string name='salary_sorter_remember_header'>Next time?</string>
+   <string name='salary_sorter_remember_toggle_title'>Remember this for next time</string>
+   <string name='salary_sorter_remember_tooltip'>"We'll remember this sort next time this payment comes in."</string>
+   <string name='salary_sorter_spending_title'>Spending</string>
+   <string name='salary_sorter_submit_sorting'>Sorting %1$s</string>
+   <string name='salary_sorter_submit_success_subtitle'>Your salary is all sorted.</string>
+   <string name='salary_sorter_title'>Salary Sorter</string>
+   <string name='salary_sorter_toolbar_title'>Salary sorter</string>
+   <string name='salary_sorter_transaction_header'>Incoming payment</string>

Plus this deep link (not active yet)

+   <string name='deep_link_salary_sorter'>salary_sorter</string>


Hopefully accounts for multiple ‘salaries’ (Joint Accounts, other receipts)

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