Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog 🕵

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #1018

For me it just appeared after the last update. I can’t imagine that you would need to reinstall when it gets activated for your account.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #1019

Automatically :grin:

Though I did try everything I could (realistically there was nothing I could’ve done to trigger a server-side change hehe) :yum:

(Daniel O Williams) #1020

I like the smaller images, it,s annoying having to scroll so much to go through the list of pots at the moment. Especially because the images currently mean nothing.

id much rather be able to see all the pots on one screen so i can see all the balances together.

(Daniel O Williams) #1021

Anyone else managed to get the new UI to show up?

Mine is still showing old one.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #1022

It’s being rolled out slowly and in small batches based on if it is successful.

If you have it now it feels like you’ve won the lottery :rofl: :sunglasses:

(Daniel O Williams) #1023

Is that even the case if you are using the beta version?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #1024

Yep :smiley: It’s completely random, users on stable & beta are in with an equal chance of having the new screen activated for them.

It’s just a waiting game now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’ll be here before you know it though :sunglasses:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #1025

Version: 2.36.1



Teardown: (Might not be interesting :joy:) Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives :man_technologist:
(Sam) #1026

It seems like making the “Unlock Pot” option so simple may reduce the effectiveness of locked pots. I’d be more in favour of a 24hr countdown or something, adding a bit more friction.


Maybe a ‘set your own timer’ feature when you lock it? Defaults to 24hrs or something, but you can make it instant (or a week) if you fancy it?


Ooh really like that idea!

(Nathan) #1029

So youre basically setting a date youd like the pot to unlock and then basically a backup unlock wait time for if you fail to meet that date? :thinking: not sure if i like that

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #1030

It’s beta Wednesday time :hot_coral_heart:

Version: 2.37.0 :tada:


Teardown: Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

(Beta User) #1031

Patiently waiting for iOS release. Lol

(Adam) #1032

I’m currently checking Play Store every 5 minutes for a new release…


Must. Stop. Obsessing!

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #1033

It’s beta Friday :hot_coral_heart::boom: I’ve been refreshing for a little while too :laughing:

Version: 2.38.0 :tada:


Teardown: Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #1034

Looks like a fun update this week :tada:

Additional information under the energy switching section of the app: We’re testing energy switching

Some fun new assets for reminders & Monzo premium :blush:

Emails can’t be updated yet, at least for me. Give it a go though and see if it works :blush:

(Michael) #1036

My comment on deep dives thread would maybe have been better here :slight_smile:

I now have a “pencil” icon next to address, phone number and email address that were not there before

This now makes it clear(er) that these three fields in the profile can be edited

Currently clicking the one next to my email address gives me a pop-up asking me to contact the COps

This is still preferable to clicking and getting no action at all, but does suggest the new feature flag is not enabled for me

It is sensible to find a safe way to change email address as it must be taking up at least some COps time better spent elsewhere (witness locked pot debate)


This update also fixes crashes when withdrawing/adding to older Pots :+1:


I don’t seem to have the energy or the premium bits…?