Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog 🕵

(Stephen Spencer) #978

I am just recently getting fingerprints turned off too. Never used to be a problem, has been for the last handful of betas.
Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 (for my sins), Android 8.0.0

(Andy Freeburn) #979

Im getting a very strange error when i try to view my card number via the app…

(Marcel Ruhf) #980

You might need to reinstall the app.

(Andy Freeburn) #981

Yeah sorry should have googled the issue first - saw another post advising re-installing and this has fixed the issue

(NM) #982

Why is the Card number only encrypted via RSA?!

(Michael) #983

I am no crypto expert, so maybe you can explain your exasperation please

By my limited understanding, RSA is a bit slow, but there have been no exploits or collisions that were not down to implementation mistakes

(Marcel Ruhf) #984

This doesn’t like something specific to the card details - users have had similar problems when using fingerprint authentication for other things, so it probably relates to how the app performs fingerprint authentication.

(NM) #985

RSAs vulnerabilities have been very well documented and therefore its quite susceptible to attack(If they really wanted to of course)

Gives a good breakdown of it how it works and vulnerabilites
@MRMR You may be right that it is actually how the fingerprint performs authentication

(Jordan Taylor) #986

That RSA prompt is Android itself and is down to fingerprint authentication, not how your card number is retrieved. Reinstall will fix it as identified.

Interesting to see that it’s mostly Android 8 devices affected. My brother has Android 8 on his OnePlus 3 and had to enable it again.

(Michael) #987

I read that Wikipedia article before my earlier comment

It does not sound fundamentally broken, just badly implemented in a few cases. There’s none of the discussion around forged collisions that Google found for SHA-1, for example

In any case, it seems to be Google rather than Monzo standing behind it and I would be confident that they know what they’re doing

(NM) #988

its not fundamentally broken(for now((but that’s an entirely different discussion) .
I just found it interesting that they chose RSA or that’s how its authenticated

(Michael) #989

Maybe one for the AOSP forum :wink:

(Kolok) #990

Now been sorted , I can see progress of referred friends even though I have 0 signups.

(Kieran) #991


(Matthew) #992

Looks like Beta 2.36.0 includes a new Account’s tab layout. I’m liking it a lot.

Edit: Provided screenshot

(Splodf) #993

Not for all of us! You’re one of the lucky ones!

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #994

That’s an A/B test :heart_eyes:

I’m not part of the test yet but that looks absolutely fantastic! :sunglasses::tada:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #995

Version: 2.36.0 :tada:


Cheers Kieran :slight_smile: I was too busy playing badminton :badminton::yum:

APK Mirror: Soon :tm:

Teardown: Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Some very interesting changes packed in this week’s update :eyes::hot_coral_heart:

Monzo Pot History :honey_pot:
(Sean) #996

Yay! I made it onto my first A/B test! Account screen looks beautiful!

(Sean) #997

Here’s a screenshot of personal and JA in case anyone is interested: