Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog

(Gareth) #733

I’ve been hoping they would add this for a little while as it is already a feature on iOS

(Kieran) #734

Yeah, it was just enabled today :tada: :slight_smile:


It’s pretty neat. Love to see what else they can do with notifications.

I know 3D Secure approval in notification is a popular request. What else could be possible?

(Tom Arney) #736

Just tried to use shared tabs from the transaction screen, it’s created it but the only way I can get back to the shared tab is via the transaction screen again.
Are shared tabs collected anywhere else? I expected them to be listed on the payments tab


Payments > Request?

(Tom Arney) #738

Well I feel like a fool :flushed:


To be fair I’d be a bit stumped if it was the first time I’d used Share Tabs from the feed. :grin:

(Tom Arney) #740

Haha thanks that makes me feel better :blush:
Not sure where else I’d put it though to make it more obvious. I missed it because I wasn’t requesting money in my mind, I was just splitting the cost, though now I say it that makes rather little sense…
It’s a brilliant feature though, I use Splitwise with my friends but have to remember to settle debts after we’ve transferred money. This is all in one :ok_hand:(though only with other Monzo customers. Working on getting all my friends on board!)