Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog 🕵

(Chris Rimell) #851

It’s not an obsolete aspect of the app - you might not like it, but that doesn’t mean it’s obsolete. This is part of Monzo’s strategy for gaining more customers and therefore it’s probably more vital than you’re thinking.

There is a sneak peak that was included in the January journal email that went out today of some additional functionality going into this

We’re improving Golden Tickets

Golden tickets have been a huge part of the Monzo experience for customers keen to spread the word with their friends and family. We’ve been exploring how to unify all the ways to invite people to Monzo in one exciting place, making it easier to keep track of who you’ve invited and who has signed up. We’ll be sharing a very basic first version of this page for feedback really soon! We’ll also be revisiting the incentives we you offer in return for sharing a Golden Ticket. Got ideas on what this could be? Let us know on the forum.|


Without this extra information, the dual methods to do the same thing are overkill. The new plan looks good, so hopefully they’ll clean this up in due course.


Just spotted that this has been fixed! Much tidier :grinning:


Payments is starting to look so much cleaner already haha

Oh, the new referral flow is up. £5 for you and a mate.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #855

Version :tada:


Changelog :eyes:

APK Mirror :link:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #856

Real Changelog Time :wink:

Flux logo has been fixed :boom: The spacing was all off, now it’s much better :sunglasses:

(Left old, right new)

Closely related is the ic_receipt_footer.png which goes along with Flux :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This will eventually sit at the bottom of the transaction (as far as I can tell) to symbolise a receipt :receipt:

Pay Anyone icon has been re-added :raised_hands: Keep an eye out for that in the app soon :tm:


Read more that feature here :grin:

Big green question mark has been removed :eyes:


If memory serves, this was used on a Pay Anyone screen… I guess it wasn’t required for the release version :grin:

Finally… The really killer feature :hot_coral_heart:

<string name="card_number_fingerprint_auth_subtitle">Confirm fingerprint to see your card number</string>
<string name="card_number_fingerprint_auth_title">See card number</string>


Ability to view your PAN (16-digit card number) in the app :heart_eyes:

It’s not ready yet (grr, FeatureFlags!) but damn that’s cool! :sunglasses:

Ability to copy full card number from the app
Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives :man_technologist:
((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #857

Finally! :partying_face:

This will make things much easier when buying things online. Now I don’t have to get up off the couch to get my wallet :rofl:

(Thomas Allan) #858

I have my card details stored in last pass because I have to type it in weekly but cant seem to remember it. I’d much prefer this option! Hopefully there is an feature to copy the card number to clipboard on a button press!

(Jack) #859

I think I’m going to explode with excitement :exploding_head: :heart_eyes: :raised_hands::rocket:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #860

When you submit a message to COps there’s no longer an extra toggle for “Urgent” :grin: it instead gives you a little popup when you hit send :ok_hand:

Much smoother IMO :tada:

(Jack) #861

This is slick, I haven’t tried it on iOS yet though.

Do you reckon it only gives you the option when wait times are over a certain period? If they are already basically 0 it’s pointless giving the end user the option.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #862

My estimated wait time was 27 minutes and it gave me the option :eyes: I wonder whether it’ll be super smart though! :thinking:

I suppose there’s no way of testing that without sending in loads of messages :sweat_smile::yum:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #863

I do too :wink: I was just doing a funny :laughing:

It would be useful though!

(Martin Jones) #864

Ive updated my app today bit i cant see my 16 digit number or the pay anyone option


(Michael) #865

See this:

For now they’ve disabled it in a way that can be switched on later

(Michael) #866

Not too au fait with Android development

What sort of balance would there be typically here between feature flags that can be turned on remotely later and build time flags that “stub out” code that is in?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #867

Not sure exactly what you mean? :slight_smile:

I’ll answer this the best I can though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

From my experience, Monzo only include things which are ‘ready’ - by ready I mean ready either for testing (staff or A/B) or ready to be enabled via a Feature Flag :smiley:

If something’s totally half-baked it doesn’t make it into the app, bugs can slip through the cracks (of course :wink:) but if it’s in the app it’s usually pretty close to a Feature Flag flip.

Unless we’re talking about committed spending :smirk: that’s staff only! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but it’s not ready for the masses yet - hopefully one day that will change :pray:

(Michael) #868

Meant in the sense of whether the app can include resources (whether images or text strings) for features that cannot be remotely activated later

You have pretty much answered that though :slight_smile:


(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #869

Announcement :mega::tada:

This thread will continue until I move to iOS :joy::joy: (i.e. for eternity) so nothing to worry about there :wink:

But the content will shift slightly in order to accommodate my shiny new developer oriented thread :hot_coral_heart:

What does that mean?

Well, all of my changelogs, APK mirror links, in-app screenshots, etc. will all have a permanent home here :grin: but the lower level technical details, string diffs, app images / assets / logos / etc. will all be posted over on this thread:

Don’t let the word developer intimidate though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’ll still be the same fun content as this thread, just split into a different one :tada:

I am planning on linking posts to that thread though :sunglasses:

The new layout of my posts here will be something along the lines of this:

App version: x.y.z

Changelog: [image]

APK Mirror: (link)

Teardown: Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Hopefully that sounds awesome! :tada: Give me a shout if you have any questions or suggestions :sunglasses: (Oh hey, that rhymed :joy:)

(Michael) #870

Thanks Marcus. Love all detail and now two threads to sate my curiosity