Monzo Flex Service


The specialist team did reach out to me this afternoon who mentioned they deal with the wellbeing side of things for customers, so I know they’re there for me.

I did enquire about filing an indemnity claim to claim some of the money back from Vodafone that I paid, but in the reply they are unable to do so as it only works if the payment which has been put through was made fraudulently or otherwise. :pensive:

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I feel you. I’ve done the same thing before too. Overestimate how much extra I can afford to pay towards debt, only for it to come back and bite me when that bill I’d completely forgotten about is suddenly due.

I don’t really like suggesting debt as a solution to debt, but in your case, as it seems like it may be the only option temporarily, it’s worth trying to be savvy with it.

I presume you’ll have quite a bit available on Flex now? If so, flex everything you buy that’s over £3. Put it on the 3 month option so there’s no interest (you can always adjust this later if you need to so you can manage repayments better). This means only 1/3rd of your spending will eat into your overdraft and accrue any interest. This should help make things more affordable for you and result in less interest. Just be mindful of the future flex instalments.



I want to just thank everyone for their kind words. I am not 100%, but it means so much when someone like me is feeling low.

Thanks to the person who alerted Monzo themselves to how I’m feeling, and how they allowed me to chat about my ‘issues’.


Finances aside Aaron, I’m so glad we, as a community, were able to help you as best we could from afar.

You’re never alone, and there’s always someone that would rather hear your story, over not having a chance to listen.


i will second that , and Aaron just know your not alone , as i said previously when that black dog and the mind bully talk , there is no shutting them up , just remember though what @Carlo1460 said we would all rather you be here to talk things through than not be here :slight_smile:


Just in relation to the black dog. For anyone else & OP.

I genuinely would implore you to check out the Campaign Against Living Miserably website, they’ve a ton of guides you can peruse through… and their staff aren’t robotic like other services can be at times, so I’d recommend their webchat / phone for empathetic support

Best of luck out there, best wishes and good night from