Monzo Flex Service

Does anyone have an exact timescale when the Monzo Flex team are in touch with customers when they need help?

I got carried away without realising it when paying off my instalments, and it’s brought my account balance to £0 meaning I am now in my overdraft.

I am an absolute idiot, and as I am prone to panic attacks I don’t know what to do in terms for lunch expenses, etc until I next get paid, which is at the end of this month.

I have theatre trips to look forward to as well, so I want these payments that I have stupidly made refunded.


Sorry to hear of the troubles you’re having.

Someone will respond to your message as soon as possible and discuss with you how we can support you moving forward :pray:t3:

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Appreciate the reply.

I know there’s put in the queue in front of you, but to be given a 24 hour timescale for something as urgent as this is beyond a joke.

It would be the last straw if I hear ‘They don’t work a weekend’ or a Sunday for that matter.

To be fair it’s urgent due to something you did, not urgent because of something out of your control.

Appreciate it’s not pleasant but you have an overdraft (according to your post) which is what that is there for - emergencies.


Are you able to flex another payment to get some money back & get out your overdraft?



We do work 7 days a week, but we also work in time order in most instances.

Someone should respond to you tomorrow, but I can’t give you a timeframe of when this will be.

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@arn92 What happens when you flex a different transaction to take you out your overdraft? Do you get an error or something else?

I just tried it courtesy of @michaelw90 idea, and it worked for me.

In about £5 overdraft, flex a £15 transaction i made yesterday, took me out of overdraft.

My understanding is when a transaction is flexed, your account is credited for total sum, minus the first instalment that’s automatically deducted. I don’t think it matters if your account is in credit or overdrawn.

Just use your overdraft until Monzo get back to you. It wont be much longer :slight_smile:

Then to avoid this happening again, I’d recommend using some of the budgeting tools Monzo provide to help forecast spending.


A bit of an update to my case, I had a response from the specialist department who told me they are unable to refund my Flex payments, but dud point me in the right direction towards financial help from charities.

I am at the end of my tether, this is a second day in this process if you like where things have gone bad to worse. May as well just end it all, because I’m not good enough.

Aaron please reach out to the Samaritans to talk through how you are feeling. They will be able to listen and help you feel more positive about your next steps. I’ve been where you are, with £0 til payday, and I promise it will pass.

You can call them from your mobile for free on 116123.


Please speak to someone who can help you.

I know it seems stressful and it is, but you have an overdraft and you can use that to live on for now

Take a day to adjust, talk it through and work out your options


Thanks, and I will.

As I’ve just finished work now, I am currently in the staff room crying my eyes out - I know it’s my fault, really for not realising how much my balance would be towards the end of paying these bills.

Hi Aaron,

Sorry to hear this hasn’t been resolved in the way you anticipated. You can ask the chat advisor to raise a complain, and our customer advocacy team will review everything that’s happened and let you know what the next steps are.

As mentioned above by @Stompy, if you do feel you need to discuss how you’re feeling, or just want someone to discuss this with, the Samaritans are absolutely amazing to deal with.

Their service is free from a landline or mobile, and their number doesn’t show up on your phone bill or anywhere else so it’s completely discreet, you don’t even need to give away your real name if you’d rather not.


There’s also a free chat room available to talk over messaging if you’d prefer:


Appreciate it, but have lodged a complaint before when the customer advocacy team came back to me and said they’ve everything for me that is possible so it’s not worth doing again, imo.

hey buddy its hard i know and i can understand how you feel i suffer from clincial depression and when the black dog talks to you there is no shutting it up , as they have said you have your over draft to use just now , ok it will make things tiight for now , but you will get out of it , if you feel you cant talk to some one SHOUT have a free text service on 85258 , please speak to some one about this , there are so many people who would miss you from their lifes if you werent here


I’d second the speaking to someone as others have suggested.

I know it’s not always the most comfortable conversation to have but if there are any friends/family/colleagues who could lend you a little until payday, you might be surprised how much people want to help with little questioning.

Take care of yourself and remember that there are always always options available.


Have you maxed out your overdraft?

Hi @arn92

You’ve already received some very helpful advice to help you get through this situation for now so I won’t pile on to that.

I do have one thing to add though, which hasn’t been mentioned yet, that may be worth you exploring so Monzo can be better equipped to help you in such situations in the future. They have a fantastic vulnerable customers team, the one element of support they absolutely nail in my view.

You can reach out to this team in app by navigating to certain help articles. You can find instructions here. Be as open as you’re comfortable with.