Monzo Flex Credit Limit

It’s a credit card on Experian.

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Flex is technically “revolving credit” which is the same family of credit as a credit card.

It’s kinda a credit card, kinda not.


£50?! :exploding_head:

That is incredibly low…


Yep! But as I say, I’ve never had credit before so I’m really grateful that they approved me rather than just declining me outright. I’m sure it’ll go up eventually! :grin:


Out of curiosity did you try some of the other banks? I remember when I move into the UK, I went to HSBC and was given £3k in overdraft and they asked me if I want a credit card and they gave me £2k limit. I had 0 credit history in this country as I just moved 1 or 2 weeks prior that. So potentially you can get better limits somewhere else.

Also you need to be careful because if you only have that credit card your credit score will probably go down because of the credit utilisation. It’s usually wide to spend in between 1% and 10% of total credit. but given that £50 is the total limit you’ll easily go beyond that.


Your credit number is made up to sell you things. At this stage in your credit life don’t be stupid but don’t worry about it either.


Wow amazing! I haven’t enquired anywhere other than Capital One Bank which have pre-approved me for a credit card, it says the minimum credit limit is £250 I think (so they might give me more?). I’m still weighing up whether or not to get it but to be honest after reading all the replies on here I think I’ll go for it and just make sure to pay it back in full every month to build up my score

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Top tip, set up pots for your credit cards (including flex) and then set the direct debit to come from them. Example, I have a Flex and MBNA pot for those cards.

As you spend on one card, move the cash into the pot. That way you can keep track of exactly how much you are spending and will help you keep the money aside you need to pay the bill in full when it comes round.

Credit is a friend - but you still should only spend what you would if you didn’t have it.

Good luck!


Whoopsie… I need to be careful of monzo flex. Been spending and separating everything over 3 months. Before I know it I’ve racked up over 300 in all of the 3 months. Just got an Halifax credit card with £5k so might have to just use that instead of the flex over 3 months. Would be better for my credit utilisation :+1:t4:

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For something like Flex, I basically have a “limit” as to what I can spend each month on it. If it goes over that amount, it doesn’t get Flex’d.


Thanks! I applied and got approved by Capital One for £500. I’ve set up the direct debit from a pot in monzo as you said and I think it’s a great idea, makes things more easy to follow!