Does Monzo UK offer a credit card to travel to USA?

Going on an American road trip in March, been told we need a credit card for the hire car company and hotels, for them to hold on to.

Is the Monzo flex classed as a credit card they’ll accept?

That’s a good question as it technically IS credit

In theory, yes.

But I wouldn’t risk it. Just apply for any credit card and use that.

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Absolutely do not risk it. Regardless of if it works or not, some places will want to see a physical card.


Oh do you not get a physical card when opening a flex account?

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Strange fact, I just checked the BIN on my virtual Flex card to see if it said credit or debit, and it’s registered as a corporate purchase credit card issued by Citibank Nigeria :sweat_smile:


That clears it up then, I thought you actually get a physical card. Thanks for all the replies


Get something without any FX fees:

  • Barclays rewards
  • Halifax Clarity
  • The NatWest credit card (if you are a NatWest customer)
  • Nationwide members card (if you have nationwide current account or mortgage)
  • Tymit
  • I think other banks do travel credit cards too, HSBC maybe?!

How did you get on with flex in USA? I’m looking at getting it for a road trip aswell

Are you in the U.S currently?

Yes, Monzo offer a credit product called Monzo Flex, that does work as a credit card