Hiring a car

Hi guys, quick bit of advice…

I’m hiring a car abroad and the company specifies that you need a credit card in your name. I have a credit card but my name on it is ‘Andy’ rather than ‘Andrew’ which is on my driving license. Is this going to give me issues? Really didn’t give this much thought when I signed up for the CC :man_shrugging:t2:


I think that’s as in you can’t borrow someone else’s credit card to pay with, it has to be yours rather than them being pedantic about naming. It’s the Hughes part they are interested in.

Did you consider asking the company involved?

Thanks Phil :+1:t3: Good to know

I did consider that, which is why I ultimately came here, to ask for the experience and wisdom of others :slight_smile:

You’ll also find a lot of the time they also would be fine taking a debit card.

If you use say Enterprise here in the UK they’ll take a couple hundred more, which gets refunded on return.


^ so 4x4 and lux cars they need a credit card.

Last time I rented a car abroad I used my monzo card for a LHD Renault Captur. Not bad.


Some companies don’t care , and some will, and it can be down to the member of staff,

Some will accept debit cards too, so I would email them and ask about the name and debit card, and hopefully between the two options you’ll be sorted.

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