Monzo Desktop App - WIP

Not at the moment :cry:

I’ve not ruled it out, I do love open source work so it’s plausible I will but because of the level of experimentation I’ve been doing and the speed of changes - I didn’t want that to become a bottleneck for changes!


experiment with some native macOS building



This looks great :nerd_face: Would love to be able to access my Monzo account via macOS!

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Would be down for testing. Looking good, man.

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Appreciate it! Monux was definitely part of the inspiration for starting this project (among other things)

Related: Monzo Desktop App - Quids


Thanks for sharing, I was aware of Quids before I started this - unfortunately the last I heard they’ve moved to the cryptocurrency side of things rather than Monzo!

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Quite sad they moved from real money to virtual pump & dump schemes that have yet to solve any real-world problem. :joy:


I believe that’s all about following the trends, people were talking about Monzo so it made sense, but then everybody covered Bitcoin.

I’m not interested in coverage, followers, or the sort - So there’s no risk of trends redirecting the purpose of my work. That’s not to rule out supporting more providers though down the line!


Needs a dark mode - even better a coral mode :heart_eyes:


Couldn’t agree more, huge fan of a dark mode! :dark_sunglasses:

Luckily with Mojave just round the corner, I get quite a lot given to me - I’ve built the app in a way which makes it easier to define dark colours for everything!

Unfortunately I’m not on Mojave at the moment, but I might ask a few testers to give it a go if I put in some “sensible” colours! :crossed_fingers:


It really looks slick and very on brand! Top work.

Have Monzo responded yet? I wonder if they are for/against things like this?

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Thanks! I appreciate the remarks :heart:

I’ve spoken to a couple of devs and Tristan who have all mostly said good things! The only negative was to make it look less like an official app (Naming/Logo) which was already on my agenda!

I believe the link was shared internally too, I wonder what they’ve said behind doors? :thinking:

Good names are difficult to come up with :grimacing:

I don’t think they’re inherently against this, as long as I’m a good citizen about things like permissions and stuff!

I’d be dubious about giving my information to a chap called Sherlock :joy:

But in all seriousness, it does look the part - I guess from a corporate point of view, they are probably worried about the transparency from the developer (you), how official it looks (right now, you’d think it was official), and how long you could maintain it for (nothing worse than getting 1000’s of people onto an unofficial platform that looks official, only for the dev to cease active development).

But other than that, I can see it being a huge help for a lot of people, and clearly you are a very talented guy!


Ahhah I’m a good guy, honest! :angel:

I completely get that, it’s one of the many reasons why I’d like to open source this. Not only does it enable a level of transparency between me, Monzo and any users but also means if I do choose to stop maintaining it - it has the chance to continue where it would otherwise die immediately! :skull_and_crossbones:

I’m going to take “it looks official” as a compliment :man_shrugging: UI/UX isn’t my good side, so to make something that isn’t terrible is really great!

I see this tool as completely additive too, with a few exceptions it’s functionality should just be streamlining actions you can already do with the app. Making things like screenshots, tagging, notes and such easier to write and upload. - This also lowers the overall risk because while your life might be a bit more difficult, it’s not going to be impossible!

It’s also worth noting, as I mentioned briefly in the initial post, I’m building something that I find useful. So unless I stop using Monzo, I’m going to find this useful, and want to continue maintaining and upgrading this app!

It’s a concern, I understand that - but hopefully you can understand my position here :slight_smile:


This looks amazing :slight_smile: I would love to test it when you’re ready!!

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Love the look of this!

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Really do appreciate all the support I’ve been given, people do fire criticism and ideas in here too - really helps to improve the product! :heart:

Had a migraine last night so didn’t get much done, but done a few things already tonight (world cup time tho):

  • Added support for all currency codes under ISO 4217 with their symbols
    • Great for those international payments and holidays abroad!
  • Added the merchant emoji in the transaction view
    • I’ll say it was for Emma but I’ve had a buncha requests for this :speak_no_evil:
  • Very early work on a dark mode (Thanks to @billinghamj for giving this an early test for me since I don’t have Mojave! :heart:)
    • Need to really fine tune the colours now and get it looking a little less insane!
  • Couple other minor tweaks including:
    • Thousands separator on balances (I don’t have this much money…)
    • Fixed issues with non square merchant images
    • Drastically improved the scrolling performance on the Pot History page!

How’s the security on this? Where are tokens and client info stored?

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Client information, tokens and the sort are stored using Apple’s Keychain security, locked down with limited access

Authentication uses the expected state key which is hashed before being stored

I do plan on enabling app-level passcode access to à la app at a later date

Happy to take suggestions on how to make it even more secure though