Debit Card Question


Activated my current account after receiving my new card.
It doesn’t have ‘Debit’ printed on the card just the MasterCard logo. In other images of Monzo cards is shows ‘Debit’ just asking?

(Max Walker) #2

Mine has the word Debit on the back.

There are two suppliers so may be small variations between them :slight_smile:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #3

True enough. It has debit in the hologram on the back, but it isn’t printed on the card


Ah, I see it on the hologram now.
Appreciate your prompt responses. Many Thanks!

(Jonathan) #5

Hi all,

For those that have already have the debit card, I was wondering if you have the word debit on the card? I have received mine but don’t have it but my friends do which is a bit odd

Cheers in advance!

Ps- I meant the word debit in white on the front and not the he MasterCard hologram :sweat_smile:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #6

Not printed on the card, only in the hologram one the reverse.

(Ian Lyon) #7

We have a couple of slightly different debit card designs floating around from between the current account preview and now, so it’s likely you’ve received one of our newer ones! Nothing to worry about, of course :blush:

(Allie) #8

It’s in the hologram, which I do wonder if that’s compliant with the EU regulation requiring it say on the card. I suppose it is, or MasterCard wouldn’t have allowed the design!

(Jonathan) #9

Thanks for confirming @ilyon I thought that was the case as I saw some of the others have the word debit just above the last 4 digits

Just slightly thought the card manufacturer slacked off by not printing debit :joy:

Ps - I should have mentioned I meant the Debit word in white in the front and not the hologram

(Ian Lyon) #10

Haha no problem at all! Fortunately our card manufacturers tend to print what we ask :joy:

Here’s some visual context on the difference for anyone that would like it! :point_down:

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