Monzo 'Dashboard' - Add your own data

Now I’m back at a computer, can confirm this worked for me. Changed 9 to 11 in K4 and copy/pasted down.

I’ve just had a play. This is excellent!

For others: after pasting my Plus Google export URL in, I had to jump to the next tab and give the spreadsheet permission to access the data. After that, all was very good. :smiley:

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Hi, I’m trying to set this up but I can’t get passed the first step. I’ve downloaded my data as CSV and uploaded it to drive without converting to Google Sheets, I named it ‘Monzo Transactions’ but when I go onto the transactions page I get this error ‘=IMPORTRANGE(Setup!C2,“Monzo Transactions!A:P”)’. I then tried converting the CSV to Google Sheets and the same thing is happening. The ‘First Monzo Data’ also isn’t getting any information.

The formula should be =IMPORTRANGE(“spreadsheet url”, Monzo Transactions!A:P)

“Spreadsheet url” is the url of the csv file you want to import.

Pasting the data into the next tab might work just as well.

The URL can also be in that C2 cell on the set up sheet, I did it that way to save people having to edit a formula.

Have you tried what Peter said in the post above yours with the permissions?

Just tried myself, and for further information, I went to cell A1 on the “Monzo Transactions” sheet of the copy in Google Sheets and there was a blue button showing as “Allow Access”

Clicked that and all good

Great work @Revels!


I’ve seen what He’s said and what @SouthseaOne below me has said but I can’t see a blue button to ‘allow access’ and can’t find another way to allow it. I assume this means I don’t need to give it permission but I’m not sure

I did see that a lot of the calculations, especially those with dropdown menus, did not work/fetch data till I changed them

Otherwise if you just copy the data and paste it, that should work.

Copy from your new sheet to the transactions tab

So I assume you meant literally just copying the data from my export to your template, if that is what you meant, it appears to have worked!

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Finally found some time to play with this.

My favourite tab is the ‘Compare’ one. Seeing how I’m doing this month compared to last is key to making small incremental changes to my bad spending habits. Thanks @Revels great job :+1:

You’re welcome!

I’m glad people are getting some use from it.

Only curio is that your mega-pulse, and the version I created for my workbook inspired by it, both have my overall total a bit lower than the actual total in the app

Interest paid to my pots? Any other ideas before I go digging in?

Possibly currency conversion as it ignores pots.

There’s a hidden “Graph Data” tab. Go into that, in C4, change the formula from H to J, and copy it down.

See if that fixes it.

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I’ve just noticed an odd quirk in the pots table on the overview page

I was trying to tidy it up, because it shows deleted pots with zero funds and deleted interest bearing pots with negative funds (because the interest doesn’t appear in the feed).

So I sorted the table by amount, and applied a conditional format to hide the rows for pots which had zero or less funds.

But that didn’t work for the pots with zero funds. I eventually discovered that these pots have £1.4E-14 positive balance in them!

Can you suggest a way to turn that -14 into +14?

You could try using the the ABS() function …

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The formula may have - at the beginning of it anyway so if you remove that, that may fix it.

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This is fantastic, I am still a YNAB customer I do wonder if something like this could replace that for me.

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