Spread sheet export - Balances

Is it possible to add a tab that lists account balances? That information is more useful to me than the transaction list as I can then lookup that info up into my main finance spreadsheet.

Something like:

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Wee workaround, in your data sheet add an extra column, call it Solo Bal or something like that, then use =sum($A$2:$A2)

This should then auto update, so in row five it should be $A5 and so on. Just change A for whatever column your amounts are and drag that down, you then have a continually running sub total

Then on your main sheet just do an index search and it should pull it.


I thought about doing that but there’s a bit of complexity around separating the main balance from individual pot balances and then the risk that they add a new column to the dump and overwrite my column :grimacing:

At the moment I’m using the API to do all this but it would be nice if Monzo could do it for me :sunglasses:

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Oh definitely agree having the functionality is much better than workarounds. Getting the interest amounts on pots would also be super helpful.

Regarding pots, my workaround was sumifs. I’ve got a =unique(filter(type and name columns)) and then sumifs take their criteria from the list. Sadly this means a new column for each pot, but it does the job at least (somewhat)

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Dropped by with exactly the same question, I realise I could work it out but would be nice if there was a running balance column

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