Monzo 'Dashboard' - Add your own data

Possibly currency conversion as it ignores pots.

There’s a hidden “Graph Data” tab. Go into that, in C4, change the formula from H to J, and copy it down.

See if that fixes it.

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I’ve just noticed an odd quirk in the pots table on the overview page

I was trying to tidy it up, because it shows deleted pots with zero funds and deleted interest bearing pots with negative funds (because the interest doesn’t appear in the feed).

So I sorted the table by amount, and applied a conditional format to hide the rows for pots which had zero or less funds.

But that didn’t work for the pots with zero funds. I eventually discovered that these pots have £1.4E-14 positive balance in them!

Can you suggest a way to turn that -14 into +14?

You could try using the the ABS() function …

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The formula may have - at the beginning of it anyway so if you remove that, that may fix it.

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