Monzo Community Forum Highlights - 2018

Since many of us are now going to be away for a well-deserved holiday break, I thought it’d be a good time to look back at what 2018 has looked like for us here on the Community Forum! :eyes:

I’ll weigh in with some things I’ve been pretty proud of, then I’d love for you all to share yours, and let us know what you’d like to see more of in 2019 :raised_hands:t4:


Staff Community Q&A

Around this time last year we launched the weekly Staff Community Q&A, and we’ve done 49 of them to date! 49! Can you imagine hearing from 49 different unique people, spread all across the company, in any other company? I think it’s a remarkable thing. Out of those 49, 47 of them were done in 2018.

We both learned and laughed at lots of different things, but amongst many other things…

Which was your favourite Q&A?

Fintech Q&A

Off the back of doing our own Q&A’s, we thought it’d be awesome to invite other companies in the Fintech Space to come and talk to y’all! :grinning:

To date, we’ve hosted great sessions with companies like TransferWise, Freetrade, Habito and Tandem, amongst others!

Community, collaboration, sharing and learning are things that at the heart of the fintech scene, so we’re happy to host some of the greatest companies in the space, and we’ll continue to do so!

Is there a particular company you want to see do a Fintech Q&A here? Let us know!

The Big List

Obviously, The Big List was a project that spanned across the entire company, but the community reaction to us unveiling it was really something special.

Take a look at the thread. Reading back through those reactions is really cool, and as we settle down and relax at this time of year, it takes me back to the buzz that was spreading through the company and the community at that time.

Apple Pay Launch

By a wide margin, Apple Pay had been our most requested feature for a long time. It was a long time coming, and hopefully for most folks on iOS it was worth the wait! It had pretty much become a running joke on the forum before that, so it was awesome to finally launch it and see the reactions roll in.

The Race to a Million

We all tried to guess when we’d hit a million users, and then frantically kept refreshing our browsers when we were close to it! An incredible milestone, and so cool to share it with all of you :hot_coral_heart:

My Secret Project

After literally of months of teasing (and the absolute AGONY of not being able to say anything to you all when I was actually there) all was revealed, and you all learned what I got to do in April :grin:

@dannytc’s journey —

And finally… I think we were all incredibly moved by @Dannytc’s frank and open post about his journey from being in debt due to gambling and payday loans to being debt-free. It’s a post that received a lot of attention, and has led to Danny doing some incredible work to spread awareness about the huge gambling addiction issue in this country, and how much of the regulation isn’t designed to help people who suffer from this.

So… those are my picks! Hoping I haven’t missed anything super obvious, but I’m sure you’ll tell me if I have!

Let me know what your personal community highlights have been in 2018 - and have an awesome holiday break!



Thanks for making the community a great place to be Simon, really appreciate all you do for the community along with all the other staff that are here.

@Dannytc has been an inspiration to many and I have mad love for what he has done with it since he ‘broke’ his story here.


One highlight for everyone was when I posted that gif they liked.


That was great. I liked that gif


This thread was epic. Started off worrying but turned out great in the end


Thank you @simonb & @HoddzDJ means a lot !


Great recap Simon, can’t wait to read all the posts of 2019 :ok_hand:t3: