Monzo closed my account when will i recieve my money

After providing my new bank details where i would like my funds to be sent to how long after will i recieve my money. Also what happens to payments that had already been processed. are they returned to sender or sent to the alternative details i provided?

Not something we answer on here, I’m afraid.

I’m assuming your account was closed for questionable activity so it’ll need to be investigated prior to being released to you.

Phone Monzo.

They are currently to busy to accept calls for the past 3 days, and to reply for emails i think.

There should not be much to investigate, It was closed after i lost my card several times and i questiond a transaction over 500 miles away from me. Which was a misunderstanding as the atm providers head office was 500 miles away and i confirmed it was me who withdrew the money i was just curious why it stated it was withdrawn 500 miles away.

so you withdrew money that you forgot about then challenged the withdrawal of the exact amount you withdrew ? then Monzo froze your account :man_shrugging: did you not get a notification when you withdrew the money albeit 500 miles away you had the money in your hand …sorry I dont understand

No I froze my account myself as soon as i realised i had lost my card and i already knew and confirmed the withdrawal was made by me, i questioned why it showed as being withdrawn from 500 miles away out of curiosity

how many times have you lost your card , I think I have lost a bank card once in about twenty years

several, which is why I always kept my card frrozen untill i reached the atm.

Tbf Ian, I have never in my life lost a bank card or a phone but my significant other is WELL into the double digits of these things… left in a cab, dropped in the toilet… any and every reason :roll_eyes:. Some people are just good at losing things.

So if the OP is genuine, the simple answer is that they will just have to wait for the investigation to be completed and they are found completely innocent. The staff are not even allowed to talk about it due to the LAW prohibiting them. This is probably why the phone line is always busy and no one replies to their emails.

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Do you never make purchases on your card then?

You always withdraw cash and presumably straight after funds have landed into your account?

:joy: :joy: :joy: Like the people you see queing up on giro day,

tbh only thing i probably pay by card for is fuel, all the local shops pull faces if you ask to pay by card,

Wow never have I heard anyone say that before. Which part of the country are you from?

To be honest, you have probably raised quite a few red flags:

  • Card always frozen
  • Money in is immediately withdrawn as cash
  • No card transactions

This isn’t considered “normal” behaviour and has traits of someone who launders money. I’m not saying that you are doing this, but I can see why it would be investigated and I’m sure you can understand too :slight_smile: