Monzo card feedback while travelling

Having now been travelling for almost two months, I figured it was high time to provide some feedback on Monzo around the world… Well, Europe at the moment, but South America from Wednesday. :blush:

So far I have been using my card in Paris, several cities in Italy, Prague and Dubrovnik. The occasions the card has declined have been very few and far between, and generally if there has been an issue, I’ve used a machine at a ‘well known’ bank (like a HSBC in Paris), but I stress that issues have been rare.

Today was an example when Monzo outdid even established banks. Filling the hire car up in Italy - knowing the issues with pay at pump that have been reported, I originally tried my “back-up” credit card. It wouldn’t have it. I then tried my main debit card. It wasn’t have that either - no idea why, both have available balances. So, before I left to find a different petrol station, and as there was now a man speaking Italian at me which I couldn’t understand (he did work for the petrol station) I tried a last ditch attempt with Monzo. It went through no problem. Filled the car up and drove away.

The one problem I did have was reaching a top-up limit without realising there was one, with the exception of the £60k annual limit. However, support were able to clarify… And a lesson was learned that I had indeed been spending far too much. :innocent: Potentially this is something to carry forward into current account land. Perhaps not Monzo enforced limits - but the ability for users to set ATM, spend or other limits themselves. Also with the ability to override as necessary (ATMs may be a bit different) - either cumulatively, or perhaps with specific merchants. So perhaps setting a limit that any more than say £100 a month on iTunes is a little excessive and a prompt received to say the limit has been reached - would you like to proceed or decline the transaction?

Anyway, overall very impressed with the card and with Monzo so far and wouldn’t even hazard a guess as to how much I’ve saved in fees and exhorbitant exchange rate prices.

Thanks Monzo. Keep up the good work.

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Great to hear you’ve had such good experiences with Monzo. :+1:

As you might have seen, the limits are now a bit more visible in the latest public release of Monzo on iOS. These limits were agreed with Monzo’s prepaid card provider for the alpha/beta and I wouldn’t be surprised to see higher or different limits for current accounts when they launch.

As for self-limiting, it’s not as granular or heavy handed as you suggested but this kind of thing is coming as a feature called Targets.

Just came back from a week in Palma, Spain. The Monzo card was an absolute god send when it came to exchange rates and keeping track of daily spend. Whether paying at a POS or getting cash out, no charges and best exchange rate possible…absolutely wonderful.

thanks. great write up. enjoy your continuing travels