New Monzo Update: Limits on iOS

(Tristan Thomas) #1

We’ve just released a new update to the App Store :slight_smile: All the details are here!

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( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #5

when do the spending limits run from / to ?

in the calendar year from January up until today Ive topped up a lot more than it actually states I have topped up, according to a search on top ups - is the remaining figure on my annual limit correct - hmmmm

(Vojtech Vrbka) #6

I didn’t actually realise how small are the ATM limits.
I reached the yearly limit last week. :angry:


I would imagine, and it is only really a guess, that it’s from when you opened your account and then a rolling year, if that makes sense. So if you opened your account on 15th July, 2015 it would run right up until 14th July 2016, and then after that it would be a rolling year. Though I could be wrong. @tristan, do you fancy clearing this up?

(James Smith) #8

Can’t seem to open the community with the new update on iOS 10.0.1. Page doesn’t load, just opens a blank window.


I have this as well.

(Alex Sherwood) #10

I have the same issue.


I like having the functionality to hand to see where you are with limits. However, the figures being pulled through are wrong :see_no_evil: As an example - I haven’t used an ATM today, yet the amount shown as remaining of the daily limit is reduced (£91).

I’m currently travelling and have been since mid July and have fallen foul of limits on top-ups previously. Admittedly it was a good wake-up call that I’d been spending too much (!). Perhaps this is something that could be continued when the current accounts are launched, but with ability for users to amend these limits, rather than monzo specified limits, except perhaps for ATM withdrawal.

(Simon Turp) #12

It is handy to be able to go in and see those limits without having to chat to support or make a call like a legacy bank with ATM withdrawal limits etc.

(Tristan Thomas) #14

Thanks for the heads up about the community on iOS 10 — this is fixed in version 1.7 (coming :soon:!)

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Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I haven’t withdrawn cash in about a fortnight so the amount is still incorrect. :smirk:


Coincidentally, this does seem to have sorted itself today :blush:

(Chris) #17

Just tried topping up for the first time since this update and see I can only top up in ten pound increments from £20-£90 now. The lower amounts are nice but how come I can’t do my usual £100 top up any more? Do I need to go through the request higher limits process? Seems weird to have to do this now rather than when we first join.

Also now that I look at the limits page properly, the figures don’t seem to add up. For example it’s saying my Max daily top up is £400. I’ve just topped up £50 and it now says I only have £50 remaining. Where did this magical extra £300 come from? Presumably a bug because that’s actually the amount I topped up in the past month, not the past day.

Oh and one more thing. I top up using my debit card via Apple Pay, the amount it’s sending is actually 1 penny less than whatever amount I choose. So when I chose to top up by £50 it actually took £49.99 and topped up by that too, bug? I don’t care about having 1 less penny of course just curious why that’s going on!?