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(Bracken Dawson) #1

Hey, a credit card company I used to use (it was Barclaycard) offered a “Pay Tag” which was a small version if your card with no details on it that could only be used for contactless payments.

I would find it very useful if Monzo did this, something the same profile as the little plastic Parkrun barcode tag ( would be great, I could go for a run in the morning with no phone and still buy cake at the cafe with my running buddies after.


Monzo Mini
(Kolok) #2

You could still use a bpay band ( take out the chip from inside to make it smaller) and top it up with Monzo, but it would be nice to have it directly linked. the fob and wristband open up and you can take out the biggest simcard sized chip and put it somewhere else if you want. (Maybe other products open I’m not sure)
Also about buying from eBay, these chips expire so make sure you can see the date on the pic or you might get one with a few months left.


Monzo Mini
(👨‍💻) #3

I have seen this mentioned before on the forum. I thought it was a good idea then, and my view hasn’t changed.

I run as well. I completed a half marathon several weeks ago. On those distances I only have my small car key in my pocket. Having a small, park run style plastic contactless thing would have been great at the end of the race when I was walking past shops with no cards or my phone. I like the idea.

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Similar situation to you.

Probably not the answer you’re looking for but a watch with apple/google pay makes a huge difference to my runs/cycles


(👨‍💻) #5

I’m a Garmin user. No Garmin pay in these parts.

I must admit, I thought I needed my phone with me for these payments to happen?


(Bracken Dawson) #6

Garmin Pay would also be good for me, but I’ve come to terms with the reality that we’re never getting it.

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Nope. Just the watch!

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(Kolok) #8

Do you not take your phone with you when you run? Then you could use Google pay

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(Rika) #9

I really want us to do this but the cost of manufacturing non-standard card form factors is fairly high when not ordering in incredibly large quantities. This would likely have to be a paid feature if we chose to do it.

Right now, we would be more likely to explore launching with more mobile wallet providers such as the various fitness trackers. :slightly_smiling_face:


(Michael) #10

Would not affect me either way, but a few folk on here would likely burst with excitement if that happened!

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(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #11

There’d be nothing more satisfying than paying for an gut busting all-you-can-eat buffet with a fitness tracker. :joy:


(Bracken Dawson) #12

I do not run with my phone, far too heavy & bulky.


(Kolok) #13

If you use something for music anyway maybe consider buying a really small smartphone (with NFC) as you can have Google pay on 2 phones at once


(Andy Slater) #14

I’m against paid accounts but would be very likely to pay for NFC tag type thing for this purpose. Not sure how much I’d stretch to but would be very interested.


(Justin I'Onn) #15

I’d pay £10.00 for the mini card, and 1% on all purchases made with it. :slightly_smiling_face:



Dozens has this placeholder screen

I wonder what it will cost…

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(Justin I'Onn) #17

Will there be any possibility of a miniature debit card, to add to key fobs etc., like the bPay card?

I’d happily pay around £10.00 for this, and maybe a 1% charge on all purchases made with the “Monzo Mini.”

I’m considering purchasing the bPay Loop for my old Pebble smartwatch, which still works fine for me - but I’d love to make payments without reaching for my wallet or waving my phone around.

The bPay system has its limitations though (such as having to top up funds prior to purchase) and I’d rather give my money to Monzo.

It couldn’t be too hard to have one extra tab within the Monzo app for another card, could it?

This might also be useful for all those other smartwatch owners whom can’t use their smartwatch’s proprietary payment systems at present.


(Sean) #18

Might be worth searching bPay, this has been discussed a few times.



Agree! As long as it’s not like the rubbish little keyring cards you get with shop loyalty schemes. Something similar to the bPay offering would be good. They look nice and sturdy; it’s just a shame that it’s a separate prepaid account as opposed to a direct link to your current account, as OP points out. If it weren’t for that, I’d probably use it.

Or maybe Curve could offer this functionality for a fob/other payment device the same way they do with their card at the moment. I’d rather pay for that than a black or metal card that you physically use in the exact same way. I know there’s other stuff bundled in with their premium offerings, but still. Would be nice to have the option of something other than a :credit_card: :blush:


(Andy Slater) #20

Not sure i see the justification for an ongoing fee on purchases, fair enough if you’d be happy to pay that but the only cost to monzo is to make the things