Monzo budget alert notifications screenshots anyone?


Is there a chance any1 can screenshot Monzo budget alerts in different states (half a budget on category spent, over the budget etc)?

i need it for a presentation I make, and all I could find online was one very low-res screenshot.

Would be highly appreciated



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Kmon, most of you got the app. Could you please help me out here?

Much appreciated. Just need to make sure this is how it actually works, because the first screenshot is actually a pre-release concept (it even says “Mondo” instead of “Monzo”).

If there are people who can make actual screenshots that’d help too, or maybe Monzo support can help me out?

UPD: yeah, and the other two screenshots are actually from a concept.

cant help really - Ive never received any of the notifications

why don’t you set a target on your account and spend money to take you through the target barriers then take a screen shot ?


Oh dear iansilversides, if only would it have been so simple. Sadly, I am deprived of the royal honour to test the majestic Monzo app by myself, hence my humble appeal to this fine community of benevolent people.

Are you not in the UK?


Any use to you?



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