Monzo budget alert notifications screenshots anyone?

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Is there a chance any1 can screenshot Monzo budget alerts in different states (half a budget on category spent, over the budget etc)?

i need it for a presentation I make, and all I could find online was one very low-res screenshot.

Would be highly appreciated



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Kmon, most of you got the app. Could you please help me out here?

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Much appreciated. Just need to make sure this is how it actually works, because the first screenshot is actually a pre-release concept (it even says “Mondo” instead of “Monzo”).

If there are people who can make actual screenshots that’d help too, or maybe Monzo support can help me out?

UPD: yeah, and the other two screenshots are actually from a concept.

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cant help really - Ive never received any of the notifications

why don’t you set a target on your account and spend money to take you through the target barriers then take a screen shot ?

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Oh dear iansilversides, if only would it have been so simple. Sadly, I am deprived of the royal honour to test the majestic Monzo app by myself, hence my humble appeal to this fine community of benevolent people.

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Are you not in the UK?

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Any use to you?

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