Introducing Monzo for 16-17 year olds

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As I’m not actually a person then that rule doesn’t apply to me.



The 16-17 year old banking offering sounds interesting, but am I reading correctly this service is only offered to UK citizens?


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U.K. residents, same as the over 18 account

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Shame you can’t have a Monzo account then :frowning:



That’s too bad because my 16 year old son is a responsible kid and I thought this Monzo offering would be a good fit for him. On a general note, I was hoping online banking would break down some barriers in terms of where people live and travel, but seems like there are still many restrictions. For example, I am a USA and Irish citizen, but recently had my Swedbank account cancelled. I had that account for many years from when they were still Hansapank. Even though I was visting Estonia this summer and went to the Swedebank office in Tallinn, still they could not help me with the account, due to certain new restrictions on being a citizen of a smaller subset of countries in order to have an account. Seems like things are moving forward, yet also going backward. For myself, I am looking for a more global bank, so for example I am not having to call my current bank and let them know every time I plan to travel in a different country. My current bank I feel is like my father, and I need to get permission from them whenever I travel, lol. Hopefully I find something better that allows USA citizens to join.


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It’s on the way, Monzo plan to expand internationally :slight_smile:

You don’t need to do this already for most of the challengers, including Monzo.


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I explained this in the introduce yourself thread. :slight_smile:



Hello :wave:

I’m so glad you’re interested in our accounts! :raised_hands:

You said you are a US citizen, are you and your son living there?



Thanks alexs, that is good to know. I just found out about Monzo and was reading through some of the threads. Not having to contact the bank before travelling is nice. Last month before my family trip to Iceland, Finland and Estonia, we had to call our current bank (Chase) and notify where and when we would be. My wife told the Chase customer support person to allow both our credit and debit card in those countries … only to find after arriving the debit card still would not work. :frowning: I will switch to a bank that does not require reporting before travel. I would like to see Monzo expand that would be great for the future.

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Hello Beth, myself and family are all USA citizens and reside in the USA. Although I am also an Irish/EU citizen due to mother born in Dublin. As well my wife and two sons are Estonian/EU citizens due to Estonian parent on her side. We have USA and EU passports from those countries. We are kind of a mix. :slight_smile: I find currently with some banks, the mix of citizenry vs residency can be problematic. My Swedbank account was recently closed because of no longer meeting a requirement, even though I own land in Estonia. Well, I am optimistic with banking options like Monzo moving forward, there will be more breaking down of barriers to make banking and travel easier. I am probably behind the times in this regard and plan to read up on the options, thanks.



We want to come to the land of the US, so watch this space :eyes:

It’ll be nothing like most Americans have ever known! :raised_hands:



Is the national lottery blocked? That’s only a 16+ age limit, but they are blocked by the gambling block, so come through as a gambling MCC.

Just wondering if you’ve added a special case for them…



Will U18s have a lower paycheque limit for using Summary? Is it still £400 for adults? Also if you are looking at charging for cash deposits, that may be unpopular as a lot of them are paid in cash.

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Might have pressed the flag icon by mistake on one of the post while scrolling down on my mobile


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We will forgive you :wink:

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The concept of someone looking like your avatar pressing buttons by mistake frightens me! :scream::scream::exploding_head:


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Last thing I bought from Amazon I had the Monzo notification before I even had the confirmation screen load on the Amazon site… So it definitely wasn’t shipped in that instance.


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There is no limit for using Summary. To set the start date for the summary and budget, you can definitely use £200 incoming payments, possibly lower. So I don’t see why U18s wouldn’t be able to use the Summary feature.


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I think he means the ability to tag an incoming payment as a salary… Not the summary feature itself :yum:

I believe that Monzo lowered the limit, even below the £400 mark :moneybag:

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