Monzo app includes Google Ads and Google/Facebook tracking libraries

Hi, how long until this change is made in the iOS app? - there have been at least 6 updates since this announcement and there are still multiple calls being made to

I would also like to note that there are also still multiple requests being made to these domains:,,, - there may well be more; this is just what I’ve observed on some of the main screens/actions in the app.


Following up on this, Monzo’s new privacy policy explicitly calls out that they share customers personal information with cloud service providers like AWS and GCP.
Can you please explain exactly what information you need to share with them about me in order for “[your] platform to work”?


Also, the iOS app is STILL making calls to every time I open it. Can you please confirm when you will actually remove the tracking code?


Isn’t this necessary as Monzo’s services run on cloud infrastructure and not their own? I’m sure they’re not sending your data to AWS or GCP for them to process more it’s just Monzo use their services and so your data is stored within Monzo’s servers on the cloud platforms.

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It’s the curious wording that caught my eye.
i.e. “we share it with them” vs “we store it on their platforms”

Where I work, we don’t “share” customer details with our cloud providers because we encrypt things on our end and then we control that encryption key.


A bit off-topic, @simonb is there any plan to include Apple Maps to the iOS app? I have noticed that a good number of apps since iOS 13 is switching to Apple Maps.


I’d prefer Google Maps. As much as I don’t like the feeling of being tracked constantly (if that even happens) their mapping is of a significantly higher quality than Apple’s own offering. Apple are getting better but Google’s mapping is far superior.


I do agree on quality but as the map integrated in Monzo it’s quite limited (can’t search, etc), I feel Apple Maps would be good enough.
It does annoy me that after years some places are still missing or not up-to-date, I’m doing the same as I’m doing with Monzo’s merchants but from Apple I would expect a much more reliable service.

How about OpenStreetMap? :grin: Then it would actually work for everyone, not just those in the Google and Apple ecosystems.

Well, at least everyone that can install APKs.


I wouldn’t mind that. Also I would imagine it would be cheaper for Monzo as I believe Google and Apple charge per API call?

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I’d imagine the wording is specifically chosen to cover the fact that they use big data tools on both platforms, as well as (likely) needing to use firebase (part of GCP) for your push notifications.

Was about to start a new thread but think this is probably the right place for this.

Facebook has just launched a way to see your ‘off facebook activity’ - i.e. activity being shared with fb by other businesses/organisations.

I’m on iOS and guessing (perversely hoping as the alternative is that they lied) Monzo never bothered to fix the above issues, as fb were receiving info from Monzo as recently as yesterday, and had done so hundreds of times.

Have disabled it all on the fb side, and really can’t see any reason why Monzo should be sending anything to do with me to fb.

Really gross and hoping @simonb or someone might comment given the above assurances in this thread.


To answer your wondering why Monzo might ever send information about you to Facebook…

Monzo uses Facebook as an advertising platform.

Facebook has the ability to fine tune who you want to target. Monzo will have the ability to exclude you from campaigns that are for awareness or growth, and include you for campaigns that are engagement based, for example.

They’ll only be sending personal information Facebook already knows (they don’t support much other than the basics): email, name, geo, for example. And add you to a custom audience to target you/exclude you from campaigns.

You’re suggesting Monzo is sharing email address, name and more with social media companies like Facebook without consent? After the scandal. Wow!

@simonb Is this true? Official Monzo comment please.


Let’s back up a little.

Firstly, I don’t know what Monzo are sending (if anything). It’s possible they’re just sending a random, unique ID that contains no personal information, and Facebook is linking that up to users profiles automatically through device fingerprinting.

Secondly, if Monzo is sending any data, realistically Monzo’s privacy policy is going to mention this.

You’d be hard pressed to find any company in any industry not using tools like this to make their campaigns more efficient and effective. Especially tech companies.

Lastly, the Cambridge Analytica fiasco isn’t connected to what’s happening here. Cambridge Analytica managed to farm people’s data illicitly. This is entirely unrelated.

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And above this, @simonb says that they didn’t mean to keep updating fb after you’d downloaded the app and supposedly stopped this happening on android and said it would stop on iOS.

That was months ago. So shouldn’t still be happening now according to Monzo :man_shrugging:t2:


Facebook has recently released a tool where you can see all the data they receive about you from non-facebook sites that they link to your account. You can see it here.

I was a little shocked to see Monzo on the list have received hundreds of interactions. I don’t see what data Monzo has any business sharing with Facebook at all. Or how on earth they have linked it back to my Facebook account as they use separate email addresses.

Can we have some transparency from Monzo about what is shared with Facebook and why?

EDIT: So this got moved as I created a new thread, I did search for an existing but this didn’t come up! My latest data was sent to Facebook on the 26th, so unsure if they have stopped that now?

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I was browsing the Your off-Facebook activity part of Facebook today and was very surprised to find my bank, Monzo listed on there.

This did take my by surprise as i’m very careful with app permissions on my device and try to prevent apps from leaking data to other apps and services as much as possible. I have LineageOS flashed to my Android device which has an excellent privacy guard feature, allowing app permissions to be locked down a lot more compared to stock Android on other devices.

That got me thinking Monzo must have some how informed Facebook i’m using their services, as Facebook cant really access anything on my device. It turns out Monzo do send data to Facebook: What information does Monzo share with Facebook? “The only thing we share with Facebook is your ‘advertising ID’, this is a unique identifier assigned to every device by Facebook.”

Monzo’s justifications for doing this makes sense, however they are indirectly giving Facebook access to their own customer database by sending Facebook this data. Facebook can clearly identify everyone who banks with Monzo and also uses Facebook:

Maybe its just me, however with the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal this does seem a bit careless. I accept Facebook will gather some data about me in exchange for using their services, however it does seem a bit unethical my bank is allowing Facebook to identify me as a customer.

Is it possible to opt out of sending Facebook this data?


Facebook and data… those two words spell trouble.

…and yet people continue to use Facebook :man_shrugging: