Monzo API - Joint Account Pots

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I’m making a Siri Shortcut so I can ask Siri to move a certain amount from my Joint Account Pot to my Joint Account.

/pots will only show me the details for my personal pots so is that all we are authorised to use with the API?

After doing some digging I found my Joint Account pot ID but any commands I use come back with:

“code”: “forbidden.insufficient_permissions”,
“message”: “Access forbidden due to insufficient permissions”,
“params”: {

Am I doing something wrong or can we not use joint account pots with the API yet? If not, who do I poke?


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Fairly certain joint account pots don’t show in the API.

They’re still a fairly new product to Monzo.



I’ve just stumbled across this now, are there plans for joint pots to be in the API?



Doesn’t help much and I’ve not tried any transactions (they may have silently sorted permissions) but this works for checking balances if you’ve got a joint account pot id:


At least I can now warn myself that I’ve not manually put enough in my amex pot, better than nothing!



Actually just tested a deposit and it works! It seems the only thing missing is visibility of the pots. To get the ids I’ve just got them from the transactions for the joint account.

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BCheers dude. I had to get account IDs from transactions too. Right! Now to create an awesome Siri shortcut :+1:t3:

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This also works for the business accounts :slight_smile:

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