Monzo Ambassadors

Update: The ambassadors programme isn’t active at the moment

Hello :wave: We’ve just published this page about the Monzo Ambassador Programme: The aim is to reward bloggers and influencers, or ‘Ambassadors’, who spread the word about Monzo via their website or social media.

We aim to work with bigger publishers first but anyone from our community has also got the chance to take part, as we would like to work with those who understand the product the best :slightly_smiling_face: If you are interested in the programme or know someone who may want to join, you can find more information on the page :eyes:

Feel free to post here or message me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing your applications! :raised_hands:


I see from your application form that you want people with a big audience / website, is this correct ? Or can I also get a referral link and get money for the 10-15 I could probably refer?

And how much money is it per referral?

I talk up Monzo daily, I personally have signed up 4-5 people directly … what about the likes of the non bloggers and well known people who just talk up Monzo because we love what you do and not get rewarded for it (currently). I am sure some of the people who sign up to this won’t even use a monzo card …

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I have c4,500+ connections on LinkedIn if that any use?

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Totally agree, and to make this up to 20 chars, totally agree again.

I have no issue with this persay, but I would hope in the name of transparency (which Monzo prides itself on) that on the signup page from the referral link it will make it very clear how much the referrer is getting in return.


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