Monzo Accounts: Now in Home Assistant!

I just noticed the new version (2024.6) of HA (Home Assistant) dropped and they have included the ability (using monzo dev) to add Monzo balances and accounts into your Home Assistant systems if thats of interest to anyone here.

Its still just balance/total balance as sensors for now but still kinda cool if a bit limited right now.

What is Home Assistant:


Could you set this up, and use it as an iOS home screen widget?

Or would it just be a button to tap to view the balances, not actively show them?

Currently I think you would need to tap and open HA.
The iOS app is being updated by a new dev for them right now though although they had been focusing on Cayplay work right now.
Just trying to think of a workaround. There is an app 3rd party for HA widgets on iOS but I have not used it.

Yeah this was a thing for a while you could add to HACS

Glad to see the API getting some usage :slight_smile: I still need to figure out if I want to play around with Home Assistant one day haha!