Monzo 4.0 4️⃣.0️⃣

Bingo’s back? :dog:

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Was this an expected or unexpected dog?

(There really should have been :four: dogs…)

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Did Bingo ever leave? Did Lizzie leave Monzo?

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On floor :four:

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Unexpected dog in the banking area.


We just got an answer to one of the poll options :eyes:


And early, too!

I’d naively thought that we wouldn’t get any announcement before 10am so set it up auto close then!


4.0 is in beta! Redesigned Home Screen! (I’m guessing!) :tada::partying_face:

Edit: guessed wrong. :frowning:


I have 4.0!

Alan does make a fine personal banker - but how will he have the time for everyone?


For the few of us that aren’t on beta/testflight, what day are the usual Monzo app updates, please? :pray:

4.0.0 has just popped up in the App Store for me…


As someone who doesn’t really follow the version history, does a big milestone normally mean a redesign/big updates?

So really did it have to be 4.0.0 because they’ve run out of numbers and were on 3.9.99 or have they jumped to 4 as there’s more significant changes?

It coincides with Flex and virtual cards to pots, which are big deals in their own right. I suspect the virtual card thing will get a bigger push and roll out to everyone now.

It’s also possible they could flick switches for dark mode, and an updated UI for the feeds so they match the UI of the rest of the app. Wishful thinking on my part, but it’s what I’m hoping for.


I imagine the jump is due Pay from pot & Flex.

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I believe it was mentioned in a previous thread, that they wanted to get Flex out there first, and then roll out the VC stuff this week with announcements etc about it. :slight_smile:


I think it’s new but the star next to “upgrade your account” now does cartwheels when you open the account overview. A bit distracting at first but it’s a change I can live with.

Not really. software versions can go 1.8 > 1.9 > 1.10 > 1.11 > 1.12 > and then big release…. 2.0.

I think it just so happened that monzo went 3.99 to 4.0


Well version control is usually the following with the


So you only jump from 3.6.0 to 4.0.0 to signify a significant change.

It completely depends on the complexity of the project.

Also some projects completely change the rules in numbering down the line just to confuse things.

Take MacOS which went 1.0 to 9.2.2 then used 10.* for Cheetah to Mountain Lion 10.8.5 with cat names then we got to 10.15.7 with place names for the next major releases. Then swapped back to 11 for Big Sur and 12 for Monterey.

So 18 major releases but the newest is 12.*.* rather than 18.*.*

Still a lot better than Microsoft :man_shrugging:


I’m in two minds, but I suspect that tomorrow (or Thursday, those seem popular) we’ll get a bit of noise about 4.0 (or maybe just its features).

The thing I’m in two minds about is whether it’ll just be virtual cards on Google Pay / pay from pots, or whether it’ll be part of a bigger thing.

The optimist in me says that it’ll be virtual cards on Google Pay, virtual cards payments from pots, direct debits and standing orders directly from pots, direct pot-to-pot transfers… Outside possibility of dark mode, extra connected accounts, Trends formal launch, wider trends features (budgeting? Custom pay periods?).

The pessimist in me says nothing - or some marketing gumph that says nothing but promises Big Things for version 4 (:soon:).


This appeared (for me) at the same time as the Apple Pay thread.