Monthly Budget Tracker

I have a monthly budget and when a DD or SO goes out, I tick it off my list as paid. As my DDs can go out at different times of the month I like to know what I have left to spend etc.

It would be good to have this in the app. A dashboard that says “By the way, all these DDs have been paid this month. This is what is left to pay”

I use Xero a lot too along with the Receipt Bank add on so it would be good to link Receipt Bank to Monzo accounts and to have similar functionality to Xero so you can keep all your bills and things in one place but for non business people. So all my statements from Npower for instance could be stored on my Monzo account and linked to the transactions.


That is basically the idea of breakdowns

Yes I guess you’re right. It would be nice to see a tick box type thing though. Categories are ok and predicted expenditure but to see my list in like a traffic light system for each month so say the electricity DD turns green when it’s paid in November then after pay period it turns back to grey/black to start again. Or a tick box next to it the item on the list that’s been paid. I guess just drilling down further.

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I do something similar, however I just highlight mine in green on a ‘balances’ spreadsheet then reset every month. I also use a app tracker called ‘Expenses’ than lets you mark the bill as paid; however both options are very manual! Would be good to see this directly in the app! :smiley: