Budget Management Suggestions

I spend a lot of time doing a spreadsheet every month to calculate what my budgets will be for the next month. The committed spending functionality is really helpful for that but there’s always random one offs (wedding gifts, holidays, days out) I need to plan for manually to identify a budget. It would be really helpful if there was some way of doing that in app in the budget part - almost a way of putting in what you need to budget for ad-hoc, an estimated price and then have the app calculate what it all adds up for and therefore what your budget might be. I know Moneydashboard has a similar function- never used it but mostly because the interface was confusing.

Also, the functionality to set a budget for next month in advance would be handy too! So you can plan for the next month whilst in the current month.

Just some thoughts!

How about a Pot with that budget in, separately?

I take a different approach, I decide how much I want to spend on presents / holidays, etc in a year and put £X per month into a pot to cover them as they come up.

This may be of interest from earlier this year;

I guess my suggestion wasn’t so much about where to put the money but the mechanism to plan that budget and have that apply in the app. Ie list future transactions and estimated costs and have that wrap up into the budget for that category