Monthly and Category Targets

One thing that I think could be improved is having an automatical change in the 'Overall Monthly Target" when adjusting the ‘Category Monthly Targets’.

When one user decides to organise their target by category (skipping the ‘Overall monthly target’) it doesn’t automatically change the ‘Overall Monthly Target’.
So, let’s assume I might have £100 target for each category - which would be a total of £1,000. However, when I set this, the ‘Overall Monthly Target’ is intact unless I click in the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button to make it “update” for the correct value - which is £1,000.

This had been built into the feature deliberately. If all of your targets add up to a figure that’s greater than the original Total Monthly Target, that target is increased to match the sum of the category targets.

If your category targets add up to less than the TMT, it does not decrease. This enables you to set yourself more challenging targets for each category but still see your ‘ultimate target’ (your actual bank balance, for example).

I hope that makes sense?


Hi Alexs,

Thanks for your reply!

I tried making different targets, and you’re right!

However, I still believe it should decrease too if I set a lower TMT (from the sum of the category targets). I believe that would help me keep track in a better way (I think) from a wider perspective: “oh, I already spent £560 this month and my target/limit is £660. I must slow down in some categories”

This is the first time I’m using the target, so I’ll give it a go for a couple months and see how it goes :smiley:
You’re way more experienced with this than me.

Thank you!

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I find that the category alerts are pretty effective at flagging this for me but maybe that’s just me :slight_smile: I’d definitely be interested to hear your thoughts after you’ve tried them out for a while too!

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