Dynamic target

(Jacopo) #1

I am getting familiar with targets on Android and I believe in many cases it is not practical to set a fix amount but still it would be nice to compare the current spending with the previous month or even better with the average of the N previous months.
It seems to me a simple way to enhance targets.
In other words for each category you could have 4 options:

  1. no target set
  2. target equals to the previous month spending
  3. target equals to the average of the N previous months spending
  4. target equals to a fix amount manually set (current implementation)

Number (3) would be my favourite one, I would leave it enabled for all categories and see in a glance where I am overspending and underspending.

What do you folk think about it?

(Jack) #2

Dynamic targets sounds like a really interesting idea! I’d like to see some mock ups / other ideas for this!
Maybe a dynamic amount of the money you have left each month in your account moved to a pot for example.

(Jacopo) #3

The targets would be displayed as they are now, the change in the GUI would be only where you set the targets.