Moneyhub - account connection issues

I have just signed up to Moneybank and have discovered that there is an Open Banking issue with Tesco Bank amongst others. I mention this here so that if anyone else is about to end their Moneyhub free trial [no idea how long that lasts] and you have yet to connect all the accounts you need to give you a full picture you might like to look at the Moneyhub connection issue page here.

Admin. I tried to find a suitable thread to add this to but failed. Please feel free to move it - and perhaps remove this para. Also I seem to have made it a poll, can’t figure out how to undo that.


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I have been using moneyhub for several years now and I have found their support staff very good. I also like how the data isn’t resold.

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Yes, I like the presentation of data, it’s just incomplete for me without Tesco Bank, perhaps I should go back to using my FD card? R-

:wave: Moneyhubber here, just spotted this. Tesco resolved their Open Banking issues about a week ago, should be good to go.

You have a 6 month free trial :muscle:

Do let know if you have any further issues.


Yup - Tesco Bank works fine. Just that the app keeps failing to open on my iPhone and then a few days later the iPad. Removing app and re-installing resolves the issue and its no big deal - but there is clearly a little bug somewhere. R-

Hi Roger, if it’s ok I’ll ask our customer support team to get in touch with you directly to look into this as it isn’t a known issue.

Perfectly ok. They have already delved into the machinery and unfortunately it is intermittent. Happy to help if you need any info. Oddly tho just went to get CS name and cannot access app on iPad. R-

Jessica has been in touch. Speedy or what? Thank you. R-

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