Moneyhub - account connection issues

I have just signed up to Moneybank and have discovered that there is an Open Banking issue with Tesco Bank amongst others. I mention this here so that if anyone else is about to end their Moneyhub free trial [no idea how long that lasts] and you have yet to connect all the accounts you need to give you a full picture you might like to look at the Moneyhub connection issue page here.

Admin. I tried to find a suitable thread to add this to but failed. Please feel free to move it - and perhaps remove this para. Also I seem to have made it a poll, can’t figure out how to undo that.


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I have been using moneyhub for several years now and I have found their support staff very good. I also like how the data isn’t resold.

Yes, I like the presentation of data, it’s just incomplete for me without Tesco Bank, perhaps I should go back to using my FD card? R-