Money take from account to show as a negative value

Currently money added to our accounts is shown as a plus number.

So if £25 is added to my account it shows as +25.00 in green.

It would be great to show money going out of accounts in red and as a negative number.

So if £25 is taken from my account its shown as -25.00 in red.

Just makes it easier to read quickly while traversing through our statement.

Not for me. Green and black work well enough without being to garish. Replacing black with red would be too much I think. The vast majority of most people’s transactions are negative.


I’m with you on this one. Green & red in the transaction feed would be a visual challenge.

In my mind, red is reserved when your account balance drops below zero (into overdraft etc.), but at the mo, Monzo doesn’t show a running balance - maybe if a running balance was implemented the black/red colouring could be used there.

There is a daily running balance

I’m fine with the current colours. If the screen was full of red (which would be the case if this change was made) then I’d constantly be scaring the crap out of myself every time I open the app, because of red’s associations with ‘danger’ in the Western world.

The only time I could see red making sense would be if it’s highlighting a transaction that has taken you into your overdraft (or gone over the budget you’ve set, if you’ve set one). But the app already has other cues for these events, so I’m not sure it would be especially needed.

Yeah I’m not a fan of turning the numbers red, at most I’d go with adding a “-” but that’d be about the only change I think is needed here?

There is a daily ‘Total spent’ value, but not a running ‘account total’ balance (shown either with each transaction or per day)

With the demise of the pulse graph, you currently have to go through the statements to get the historical running balance.

Would be very difficult for those who are red green colour blind


I this the way it is is fine I think red should be they for when your account is in a overdraft


Yeah that might be an option but would also need another ‘character’.

"+ " for money in to your account
"- " for money out of your account
"+ OD ", “- OD” for any transaction that occurs when you are in overdraft? (bit ugly but can’t rely solely on colours).

Agree with the + and - so that money out can be better identified

But using green and red would compromise usability for colour blind people, as these are usually the hardest colours for them to distinguish

Pedantic but red/green is only one form of colour blindness, there are others, hence my suggestion for symbols/text instead (or as well)

That’s why I said “usually”, as red/green is the most common colour blindness

After reading the comments, I think negative in black, so £20 taken from the account would be -20 in black but if you’re in your overdraft -20 in red.

Heh ok, I parsed that second sentence differently :slight_smile:

This would make better sense