Money mules must be on the increase

The problem I see with a lot of these fake phishing schemes is that there is often no consequence for actually failing the test. As you say you just get a generic advice page that the person is likely going to dismiss as a minor annoyance (especially considering they’re already willing to click on it).

I advocate for a radical approach: first time you get advice + a warning, second time you get a stronger warning, third time you get your P45. If you can’t be bothered to follow security guidelines to keep your organisation safe, at least you might be more willing to do so and take things seriously if your actual job is on the line.

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Just replying to myself to say, I see Monzo alread have a Scam Warning for HMRC related scams - it’s a really good thread with a lot of useful visual cues as to all the aspects that make it a scam:

Really well put together I thought.

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