Money mules must be on the increase

Monzo trying to inform what consequences await the money mules - if you’re ever tempted the chances are it will end badly for you with Monzo detection systems for fraud, which seem to be far better than most legacy banks :slight_smile:


at these uncertain times when people are loosing jobs and don’t have money will be tempted to do this

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Oh I agree , desperate times , however if they are found out …and they are likely to be, it brings a whole heap of financial aggravation for them , if they choose that way , not much sympathy Im afraid …turning a blind eye to people trafficking , prostitution, drug supply etc etc

We’re aiming to do one of these threads a week, what d’ya reckon? (We did one on celebrity impersonation scams before).

Suggestions welcome for any we should cover next!


I think it can only help , if it makes one person think why I shouldn’t wreck my financial life , across all media presumably …thinking…FB Monzo closed my account and stole my money

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There’s a chance it could raise awareness to a level where the criminals hit an increasing number of refusals of access to accounts, making their dodgy actions harder to do. So well worth doing IMO.


Have Monzo thought of doing something in app? Maybe on sign up a quick quiz or something :man_shrugging:. Complete it and you get put into a draw for something.


I get a regular your amazon prime is up for renewal …I dont have Amazon prime …talk to us cancel your amazon prime membership… had one or two on the forum about supposed emails from Monzo …how email addresses work and what Monzo emails you use , and we will never contact you asking to verify details …welcome back Cookywook :slight_smile:


Hmm, mine is, so I better check the source when that renewal email arrives then :wink:

I think more awareness about Phising emails and spoofed telephone numbers would be good too.

I know there’s been blog posts, but this tweet is way more explanatory and to the point, and probably more accessible too, than a blog post.

HMRC scams are seemingly pretty common too - that would be a good one to cover?

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I wouldn’t mind an in app message every couple of months “we will never contact you unless we arrange it through the app or from these email addresses " or words to that effect …” and " cancel dont show me this again"

Monzo’s smellchuck is wonky

Frausters launder their money, by getting everyday people get involved in crime.

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Sending out fake phishing emails (or fake money mule campaigns on the same social networks that the scammers use) that automatically lock the account or increase the fraud algorithm’s sensitivity if the user falls for them would be good. Harsh but effective as they’d lock the account before the criminals do.


We’re getting more of this fake fake stuff being sent around by the security guys at work to see who falls for what. They’re getting very good at it!


I’d also like to see Monzo unify the amount of email addresses they send communications from, to 1 single domain.

Spot the legit email domain:


Oh snap! Too late to fix but thanks!

My work regularly send our fake spam to the entire workforce to help try reinforce the message that you shouldn’t just be clicking on links from random emails. Once clicked it goes to a webpage set up internally which gives advice on phishing, keeping yourself secure etc. Not advocating that Monzo do something like this though can imagine the headline news backfiring :rofl:


Darn, I didn’t realise German women were such a big contributor to financial crime. TIL I guess


I guess Monzo saw my thread then as it looks like they have used screenshots from the video.


Our place do that as well. Most are very obvious, but that might be to lull us into a sense of comfort as a single one in there I spent ages looking at as it was more official looking than some of our official ones! :slight_smile: