Mondo Crowdfunding!

We announced our new funding round today, of which £1m is being raised through Crowdcube :smiley: All of the info is here:

If you have any questions for us, let us know :slight_smile: As an Alpha user, you’ll automatically get early access to the round if you want to. Of course, your capital is at risk, as with all investments of this nature.


This is brilliant, I just googled this few mins before this topic :smiley:


Major respect for allowing customers the chance to own part of Mondo, despite other offers on the table.

:heart: :mondo:


Question :slightly_smiling: Will Alpha users who will invest through Crowdcube will also get an Investor card? Will it be tied to the same account?


It’s great that Mondo is opening this up to customers when they could have just taken more private equity funding. Of course nothing is guaranteed but another sign that mondo is different.

Hey @pavel :slight_smile: We’ll probably let you choose which one to tie to your account and then you can frame the other one :wink:


Hey @tristan :slightly_smiling: Has Mondo’s pre-money valuation been announced?

Yep, you can work it out from the numbers here: :slight_smile: £24m pre-money, £30m post. Lots of news articles too, eg.

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Do you need to pre-register if you are already a Mondo alpha user?

Nope, you’ll all automatically get early access if you want to :slight_smile:

Cheers @tristan!

This is disgraceful behaviour though…

Frame verb (MAKE GUILTY)
To make a ​person ​or bank card seem guilty of a ​crime when they are not, by ​producing ​facts or ​information that are not ​true


Cool so there is nothing I actually need to do.
(I have pre-registered my email address anyway as I was not sure).

Thank you.

@Trash @tristan- If you want to invest in Mondo you need to sign up with the crowd cube site rather than registering with your email address with Mondo for a Mondo card - two separate things ?

quick question because it wasn’t immediately apparent from the corwdcube website and maybe i didn’t search hard enough but what would be the minimum investment amount?

@anon95680666 - Yes, exactly :slight_smile:

@s.huerholz - The minimum is £10.

So Passion are putting money in at the same valuation as Crowdcube?

Yes, Crowdcube investors will invest at the same valuation as Passion


This is really exciting, I’m definatly going to go for it.

Hopefully I will be able to do the investment using my Mondo card on crowdcube for extra meta goodness.:joy:


Is the investment seis eligible? Thanks!

Banking is an excluded activity and therefore doesn’t qualify for relief

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