Hi guys, I was just wondering if you had any plans for another round of crowdfunding in the near future? I missed the first opportunity and would love a chance to invest!


got my lucky card :slight_smile: :mondo:

I would like to add my support for a second round of Crowdfunding if it is necessary in the future. Or I guess when Mondo gets its license, the ability to buy shares to support Mondo :slight_smile:

Hey Adam. How’d you get the title on the forum? I was an investor but haven’t got the title

I think that they will have another round of investment opportunities. But it might be a while. For now I’ll sit on my shares :yum:

Because i asked for it Josh only if your crowdfunding one you can ask.

We’d love to! We don’t have any fixed plans yet I’m afraid but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know :slight_smile: Thank you!


I would love to be able to invest, I missed out by about 30mins last time. Would be nice if Alpha’s had a chance to invest before the public :slight_smile:

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