Adopting the new 'mastercard' logo

Is it just me, or does anyone else like the new ‘mastercard’ logo?

I’d love to see mondo be the first to adopt this new logo on cards once we become a proper bank! I think it would help establish the idea that Mondo really is on the cutting edge, using the very latest in technology.


Ya. That would be really awesome :blush:

Mondo should always be first :sunglasses:

I’m spending more though just to see the app in action. I justify it by saying I’m testing the system but I know the truth.

I just want to see those instant notifications and check where I spent it ha ha :smiley::innocent::beer::beer::beer:


I’m the other way, I spend less on things I never really needed!

I started putting a :see_no_evil: in the notes of transactions for things I probably shouldn’t have bought; chocolate, fastfood, expensive toys I definitely don’t need etc. And what I’ve found is being able to search for :see_no_evil: and see how much I’ve wasted, really helped me bring down my spending!

I’ve now got my budget so clear that I seem to have MORE money to spend, without actually making any big changes to my spending habits, this time next month I’ll be paying a new mortgage with ease thanks to Mondo!


This is such a good idea! I might be stealing it, guilt myself into stopping buying stuff I don’t need.

I’ve found Mondo so helpful with budgeting, really does make me look at where my money is going.

Yeah I’ve seen a lot of people asking for more categories, but I’ve found just using emojis like subcategories helps a lot more.

:see_no_evil: Is things I kind regret
:oncoming_automobile: Is fuel (transport includes fuel and parking etc)
:gift: are presents

And so on! It means I can quickly see where my money’s going, but occasionally when I want to look further, the emoji’s give me more insight

:see_no_evil: definitely works the most though!! Haha



I think you’ll find that ‘Visa’ will be preferred as they are cheaper all round i.e processing fees etc… are much cheaper as it is the most preferred card internationally

i thought it was confirmed Mondo would be staying with mastercard


Debatable, while their per-transaction fees are lower, I hear nothing but bad things about their other fees, especially in the areas of setup and other one time fees.

Sadly every competing bank (except NatWest) use visa - similarly when maestro was first used opposite switch - switch, became Visa debit and maestro just got lost as I believe it was a subsidiary of Mastercard?? Don’t quote me on that!
Needless to say that Visa has always outdone MasterCard – but I would like to see things change more positively for the future and it have a good impact on both the bank and the consumer as savings from it being passed down to us the consumer

Indeed, MasterCard really messed up their previous Debit card brands in a number of ways. That plus Visa’s low per-transaction fees meant Visa has been winning ever since. MasterCard just competing in the credit card market here in the UK at least.

Recently, it seems like MasterCard is making an exciting big comeback with all of their prepaid debit cards, international rates, partnering with smaller and startup issuers in addition to being on top of technologies like Apple and Android Pay. (See fare-free Mondays, etc.)

I don’t know enough about MasterCard vs Visa to debate which one we should use, so as long as the guys at the top choose MasterCard, then this is the logo they should use (in my opinion).

Having said that, in the U.K. (where I’ll spend most of my money) MasterCard and Visa go hand in hand, I think I’d struggle to find a place that took one but not the other. And as far as fees are concerned, the foreign exchange rate seems to be the only figure we as the customer need to be concerned about with mondo. So (correct me if I’m wrong) but I think mastercard wins out there too :blush:

There’s a rather large example of somewhere that takes Visa and not Mastercard in Rio de Janerio right now, but it only seems to be a problem for a few weeks every 2 years. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice idea. I need to start doing that myself.

EDIT: Link to Mastercard confirmation: Visa or MasterCard? - MasterCard

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I love the idea of using emojis for short-hand categorisation. I’ve done the same with coffees :coffee: and other treats :cake: so I get a better idea of how frequent it’s happening.

Is there anyway for Mondo to be able to take the place of VISA and Mastercard to undue their unfair monopolies and let the votes of the people switch over so that the old ways are undone? Over here in Bali they add the 3% to your total if you pay by visa or mastercard because they can’t afford to pay it, wait to be paid, nor do they allow for that cost in what they charge. Mondo could charge 1% and beat them at their own game and still do really well. 1% of sales x the whole world is GiNormous…:slight_smile:

This is very unlikely to happen. Basically all the terminals would have to be changed or at least their firmwares updated to support a new card network. You would have to spend a LOT of resources and time to convince the whole world to support you :blush:

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Assuming Mondo do end up following their plan of being authorised for banking in the majority of countries, and they offered merchant payment facilities at drastically lower rates than right now, it would be possible and maybe somewhat viable.

Certainly a very exciting prospect, but it depends on whether this would just be cool, or whether it would make a significant improvement to Mondo strategy-wise.

I personally would be very surprised (although elated) if they did do this.

My Natwest debit card is Visa?

The whole point is Mondo is FEE FREE globally so even 1% would basically gob against one of the companies main ethos’s.