Mondo Chat

(Barry McKelvey) #1


Are you like me and use the Mondo Chat to ask any impulsive questions or just to get help? When using Mondo Chat are you forever having to correct spelling mistakes after a message is sent? I know that I do.

Recently I’ve been using an App on my iPhone, Telegram:

Its a great App, it had an update recently that allows you to either delete or edit messages after they have been sent. How cool is that?

Would be great if Mondo could have a similar feature incorporated into the Mondo Chat :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey Barry, nice idea! I like Telegram a lot :slight_smile: I’m not sure that this would be high priority for us realistically right now but don’t worry, we’re more than happy for you to send us lots of messages even with spelling mistakes :stuck_out_tongue: