Broken UX journey: lost chat


I had an issue with one merchant, so I opened Mondo app and started a chat with support. Once it was resolved, the support rep suggested to check my feed where all the balances were. I checked it and it was all fine. Then I thought that I should say that to the support rep, but I couldn’t find a quick way to jump back into the chat. The only way back was to click on any item in the feed, then ‘Something wrong?’, then start a chat, then press an arrow in the top left to see all conversations, then choose the relevant rep I spoke to earlier from the list.

It would be so much easier if right from the feed I could jump back to my chat.


Although you would still have to start a chat and then tap the arrow, you could go into the chat by tapping Chat (bottom right) instead of going to a feed item and pressing Something wrong!

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Hey! Yep, very true :frowning: It’s something we’re aware of but are quite limited by our use of Intercom for the chat functionality. We’re working on it though :slight_smile: